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The fireplace ideas presented here feature a multitude of creative ways to combine other materials with your stone surround to give it a more distinctive and commanding presence.
Regardless of whether your personal taste is rugged and rustic or formal and fashionable, a little planning and creativity can go  a  long  way  to transform your stone surround from "so-so" to "WOW!" And you don't need to be an innovator or world-renowned architect like Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) to pull it off.
Undeniably, the floor to ceiling stone fireplace design pictured at left is a real stunner! Another fireplace idea for a rustic stone surround is to simply cover the area above the mantel shelf with sheets of natural bark, as shown in the example below by Harrison Design Associates.

And finally, if the room is large enough and you have the space for it, you can create a rustic fireplace surround flanked by cozy alcoves for seating or working at your desk. If your taste is a bit less rustic but still fairly casual, the fireplace ideas for the two designs that follow may be more your cup of tea.
The transitional style stone fireplace design pictured below, with a close-up image at left, is by designer Shane Inman, based in Traverse City, Michi-gan. And if you're going for a highly formal, 'Old World' look, the fireplace idea that follows may be more to your liking.

March, 2012 -- Issue #05How to Create a More Imposing Fireplace Surround by Extend-ing it Upward!

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