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Instead of removing those concrete front steps, save some time by building a wood deck over and around them. Check out the video above for an explanation on scribing and framing your deck and the link below has more information on the building a front deck. We have a 72" X 42" concrete stoop with four steps that we would like to cover with a wood floor and new railings.
RinaI agree with brickin, though I think it would not be difficult, technically, to lift the wood slightly -- like a deck -- to allow drainage down to the properly slanted concrete, and so to the ground.
AnneIt might be easier to just tear out the cement steps and build what you want, instead of trying to work around it! RinaI'm not sure if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs, but if you keep the steps as they are (or widen them) you need railings on the right as well as the left. ReSquare Architecture + ConstructionAny way of adding wood to this concrete that will last is as much if not more work than tearing out the concrete and building something simple and new.I'd also be leery of using wood in this location based on the algae growth on the concrete. ReSquare Architecture + ConstructionYour home looks like it's probably a Cape style, so wood would not be out of place stylistically.

ArleyIf you're worried about drainage, cut the concrete to create some "drains" for lack of a better term.
Obviously, tearing out the existing and putting in a real porch is the right work to approach the work.
You really dont want to even PT wood in contact with concrete, so you would have to put plastic wood under the studs and SS hardware into the PT wood.
Then build a small deck that is level at the top so when you step out of the door you go onto the deck. But I hope you get the steps you want, I can see the aesthetic point of widening them as well as the fact that wider steps make people feel more secure. Wood, while simpler and less costly in the short term demands far more regular maintenance and repair to be comparably durable and was used often in places like the Cape and the Islands because masonry was harder to come by. Even if you lift the wood an inch or so off the cement, you then need to support it and the supports could trap moisture, especially if you are in a climate with snow. Also remember wood is not going to last forever, especially is it doesn 't a have a roof over it, so you will have to redo eventually.

And in order to make room for the supporting joists, and to make the steps even and meet code, you may have to remove part or all of the cement. It might be cheaper to build some large flower boxes level with the stoop on the right side and keep the concrete steps as is. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending a couple thousand bucks (if you hire the work out) and get something which functions exactly like the original steps.
I think your steps are beautiful and agree with Linda's sensibility of not investing big $ for little impact.

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