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I’m sorry for taking so long to share the tutorial of how we built the custom shelves in my closet!
The honest truth is that when we were building these, I thought intensive construction tutorials would just not be your thang, so I didn’t take awesome photos at the time.
Shoe molding (aka quarter-round molding) — amount depends on your closet layout and size. There are a lot of ways to add the horizontal shelves, but the way we did it was to rout out a section on all the vertical pieces so we could slide the shelves in. If you don’t know how to use a router, you can screw in a board under the shelves and rest them on top of that board. If your closet has any baseboard or crown molding, you’ll need to cut it out of the sections of wall where the vertical pieces will go first.
To install these, we just cut them to length and nailed them right onto the MDF with finishing nails. You’ve inspired me to tackle my own closets in a similar fashion instead of spending tons of money on pre-made closet units.
I am drooling over your closet, I was wondering how long and how hard of a project this was..My husband and I are ready to make a trip to home depot to get all the stuff needed! It is very important that you simply study concerning the varied closet organizing products and their uses. The enjoyable half about creating customized closets is that you could have the closet designed as per your private style and choice.

Obviously all these measurements and dimensions will be different for you based on the size of your closet and how you configure the shelves. My shelves are 12 inches deep and the ceiling is 8 feet tall, so these pieces are 12 inches by 8 feet. When we installed the vertical pieces and the shelves, there were all kinds of cracks between the shelving and the back walls. We are currently living in Army Housing, but I I can install that lovely pull-out scarf organizer in our closets. My first and only experience with building my own shelves was inspired by the instructions from this article.
My girlfriend wants a big closet, she has a lot of pairs of shoes and I?ve seen some good ideas here. In the process of making MDF, formaldehyde (a carcinogen) is used amd therefore in most MDF boards. I have been dealing with a tiny closet for the longest time and have finally decided to install a walk-in closet. There are such a lot of customized closet organizer products and complete kits to decide on from. Closet designers can come and provide the very best answer in a lesser worth than repeatedly replacing the usual closet whenever the closet door breaks regardless of how large or small the area obtainable you will have at home. Our closets are basically caverns without any useful storage, so I’m about to get on this like white on rice.

We are in the planning stage of redesigning our bedroom, and redesigning our closet is part of that. All you might want to do is pick up the cellphone and give them a call set an appointment or you can merely go to some of the local customized closet corporations in your city or place. When you have a walk in closet you could decide to maneuver your dresser from the bed room into the closet area.
If you opt for Build Closet Shelves Mdf constructed by an skilled you pay more than what you will pay for an assembly line closet. You would possibly find these Build Closet Shelves Mdf available on the market to be too predictable and too similar to what everybody else has. It is very important that you simply select high quality products regardless of the products you employ to create your individual customized closet organization system. You possibly can create a customized closet organization system that works effectively in your closet and that matches your unique decorating style. A effectively designed closet area can resemble a chic boutique that would take any client's breathe away after they open the doorways to note the effectively organized lay out.

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