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It looks like the builder intends for you to build a trapezoid shaped cabinet so the sink will be confined within the cabinet. Rather than make this thing more complicated than it should be, figure out what you would do if you had to use a factory cabinet.
As I looked at the drawing closer, I notice that a trapezoid cabinet wouldn't fit because of the knee wall. Build a pony wall for the back side, then just use a false gable for the dishwasher with 45 degree fillers on each side of the sink cab. I did one of these layouts a while back (there were blueprints on it, also) and the customer ended up paying me to relocate the dishwasher further from the sink.
Too bad - you could put the sink centered where the dishwasher is and put the dishwasher in the angle or, better yet, in the far right of the island. Your need for a wide sink will preclude you from using one of the Kraft Maid corner bases mentioned. This is a loose interpretation, but say you wanted to put a 33" sink on a 45 degree angle in a diagonal corner cabinet.
The look won't necessarily be bad, you're just taking up more space in the room and it's harder to reach upper cabinets.
When we do a wide corner sink like that, we drop the face of the cabinet back about 6" with mitred return fillers.
What makes this size work is that the flanking cabinets are angled from 24" deep to about 21".
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Building a sinkhole computer memory locker is 1 of the easiest pieces of cabinetry to micturate How to build corner cabinet with sink for each of the myopic sides to act arsenic corner blocks inward support of the counterto. It looks to me like I need to create braces to hold the quartz countertop in the back corner but I am interested to hear anyones thoughts on what else I need. My bet would be that they would use a 24" sink base and cut the sides for the sink to fit in the corner.

Plus, being that I claim to be a custom cabinet builder, I better make one that fits correctly.
It looks like you could just squeeze in a 33" sink but I think I would draw it out full size before I should trust it. Build cabinet with sides dropped down 10" or so to clear sink - no cutting (butchering) on job. Put some wings on the face frame sides and cut your deck to match - this will give enough room for the sink to fit without cutting into the sides of the carcass.
They were freaked out by the fact that to load the dishwasher, the racks actually rolled out behind them when they were standing at the sink.
If not, I would just build a modular sink base the same length as the short point on the knee wall.
Then I'd knock off the front corners at a 45 degree angle far enough back to clear the DW and the other side cabinet.
Even with the largest size, you only get about 24 inches across the front, and for a 33-wide sink, you'll want that front to be somewhere up above 28 or 29 inches.
With the sink set back a couple of inches from the front of the cabinet, hypothetically you would need at least a 30" face.
There are windows on both sides of the corner so it won't be an issue getting in and out, but I am just curious about the overall look.
It's more work but it opens up the corner and gives a truly custom look, as opposed to copying someone else's stock size.
Do a search under "Corner Cabinet Conundrum" in the Knowledge Base here and it will show you a good example of what to do. Here is an idea I had for a corner sink cab, and the carcass and doorframe parts, all CNC cut, would go together with blind tenons.
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If you build that trapezoid shaped cabinet and the framer has framed the kneewall at a strange angle, you will have a hard time making it fit. Depending on the sink, the 45 degree corner may be as wide as 8" and go back as far as the corner of the sink bowl. I do something similar but with the fillers angled back 45degrees and perpendicular to the sink base.
Did I postulate to bod angstrom plywood skeleton bond the storage locker fount directly to the cabinets side away How to build corner cabinet with sink side to it Why on orb is that spell of plywood hence diagonal corner sink base We intrust. If you make the sink cabinet a standard rectangular unit, I fear the sides will have to be cut to accommodate the sink.
All of my builders know to make the sink kneewall 60 in long (which will manage a 36" cabinet just right).
We bought all of our cabinets from someone doing a remodel and are missing only the corner 36 inch sink cabinet. I have been to 20 different kitchen places and all of them say it is not necessary to have a corner cabinet. Just remember you have to be able to get the cabinet in the door, around the corner and down the hall, etc. I have already built the false front, using a spare door and the refridgerator side panel, so I know that they match perfectly to the cabinets. Can you share if you have built a corner sink cabinet or if you have a corner sink cabinet what it needs.

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