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Here are a load of pics, I hope you will forgive me for sending you so many, and also for the poor quality of my workmanship.
For instance most often I mix 435 mL of water with 600g dry, and for large loafs I pour 860 milliliters of water to 1.2kg flour. I live in a house that was built in 1835 and it has a fireplace and a brick oven on the opposite wall.
I have gone half way building it will start the other half next spring since now I am going on vacation till September. It’s very easy to change the oven internal space to what size you needed, just by adding in or taking off a brick or two from any side or from all sides. Obvious due to the weight of a wider span of the arched vault, the better support of the skews-with-walls bricks should be added the heavier these arches are.
I think the baking surface should be 1.5 meter by 60-70 cm wide, like a practical baking tunnel, or whatever makes most sense with the dimensions of the fire bricks. Have a look on the new Masterly Tail oven design and its subpages, link is here at the top of the page too. To link to Baking breads in my brick oven article, copy & paste the following code into your website.

Forno Bravo has a great series of e-books available for free download on its web site (registration required). The Forno Bravo forum has 5,000 registered members, and is the largest online brick oven forum. Hello Everyone, Finally, after grinding, dithering, spending and making it up as I go along … bread. My wife bakes bread and I know she will enjoy using the pizza oven outside and not heating up her kitchen inside when it’s really boiling outside.
It seems the oven is too hot when i put in the bread and they always come out looking great but heavy and hard to eat. The large breads stay inside for 60 minutes or longer up to one hour plus 5 or even 10 minutes extra (up to 70 minutes baking). I am nervous about using this brick oven but after reading your article, I am going to try it! I had off and on results until a came upon a book that put me in the major leagues of naturally leavened (sourdough) bread baking. After this all remaining matters basically stay the same except now the new footprint dimensions (as were altered by brick count) will be different by that measure.

I made my oven larger because I am into a bread baking production where the oven never cool down too much. Basically till I can see that the breads are quite dark, just like the color of David’s breads on this page. Put a piping bag in my other hand and I can create delicious cakes and pastry. But a trowel and a chisel and a hammer… Forget about it!! I am enjoying building it every minute of it and since I never laid a brick in my life, I am enjoying the experience. If I can suggest to you something extra, focus on the new MTo design and its first page gives information on where the oven is most outstanding, and why that is so. To my mind, the small price I paid for you to ship a CD to me is worth a lot more than the plans I received from Allan Scott.
My oven project has taken almost a year so far, from digging the foundation to where I am now, laying the arches.

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