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A gasifier is a device that converts biomass such as wood chips, blocks, pellets, sticks leaves, grass clippings, even cow patties to a usable burnable clean and environmentally friendly gas through a process called pyrolosis. Gasifiers are a fun and educational project with many practial uses, the most common being producing fuel to run engines. The biomass is broken down by heat in an oxygen restricted environment and the resulting gasses (hydrogen, carbonmonoxide, methane and other inert gasses) can then be used in multiple aplications.
A gasifier when built correctly produces a very clean burning fuel that can be plumbed directly into the intake of an engine and used in place of gasoline with no modifications to the engine needed with the exception of connecting your wood gas hose to it. The gasifier found on this site has many, many trouble and tar free hours of operation far surpassing any other fema gasifier that i am aware of.

This gasifier has been connected to a small generator and ran for well over fourty hours and counting solely on wood with no signs of tar build up, the generator fires right up every time and has proven this gasifiers reliability and tar free operation. The biggest differences between the modified fema 1.6 and a standard fema gasifier is filtration. A gasifier is an excellent option for renewable energy from biomass that would normally be wasted, in my local area (the pacific northwest) free or incredibly low cost biomass is readily available from many sources, my work for instance regularly burns hundreds of pounds of waste wood every month. Another source comes in the form of slash piles or piles of waste wood left over from logging that would otherwise be burned or discarded, my favorite however is from local road maintenance crews that limb trees along the highway, this biomass is laying around in nice piles of chips all along the highway, all the hard work is done for me just stop, fill a few buckets and dry them out for use, Brilliant. More so the fema design filter is absolutely terrible allowing a large portion of unfiltered gas to bypass 90% of the filtration media.

The filter on this gasifier unit is of my own design and forces the gas to be exposed to the entire filter media with no possibility of bypassing, all gas produced must pass through the entire filter before moving on.

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