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After you read the story below, be sure to download your own copy of my plans the way I built it. It was housed in a shopmade melamine cabinet I built originally for a vending machine stand. Buy your electric switch before scribing the center for the side hole in the chase compartment.
Clear paste wax to the lift plate, as recommended by Woodpecker, and to all laminate surfaces as well. 2) The fence has a dust collector, but the majority of the sawdust seems to dump out under the table onto the floor and all over my shop. 3) It is very hard to get the wrenches in either over, under, or over-and-under the table to change bits. I looked at router tables and thought that they were both too small and too expensive for what they were. I built my own router table and use MDF with plastic lam on each side to keep it from warping. I don't know how much you paid for the PC table, but most out there are overpriced, like you said. Update: After taking my router out of the table this morning, I determined that I have a Porter-Cable 7539 (not 7519 as I thought) with an integral plunge mechanism.

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If the marks you referred to look like pencil lead, you should use a paste wax on the table. That will give me a larger top, customized dust collection, and built-in storage for router bits.
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Your router table drawers will fit better if you insure that the inside width at the top matches that of the bottom. If it's scratching your wood, you may have an issue with the insert being flush with the table. I was trying to save some time and trouble by using an existing router lift and one of my existing routers. Finally, I bought the adapter kit that allows me to adjust the router height with a knob from under the table (as long as I hold the plunge arm up).
The doors slide nicely on the MDF, and the large table means I don't have to worry about my panels falling off.

Build your own dust collection system using your shop vac and some fittings from Home Depot.
However, after taking a closer look at my 7539, I do not believe that I can raise the router high enough to easily change large bits.
Even if I use an offset wrench for the bottom nut (closest to the router motor), there is very little room around a raised panel bit.
The router table got me through a few years when I didn't have enough money for a shaper and I still use it every day. It is like owning two shapers, but I leave the heavy duty cutting to the shaper and lighter stuff to the router table. I've seen stuff like in the pictures above, and these days it's all the rage to be able to remove the whole router for changes. I was so proud I had done so when watching Norm (the man, the myth, the legend) on TV one day when he announced a new way to make RP's using a router table.
Make sure the hole for the router clamp is not oversized too much or your router will move a little.

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