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A reader describes the firewood shed he built out of used pallets collected from an industrial park.
I have built two firewood sheds for seasoning and storage of fuel wood using pallets and sheeting I found in free wood piles at a nearby industrial park. I positioned the woodsheds with their backsides facing the prevailing winds to keep the rain and snow from blowing in, while also providing maximum airflow to dry the wood. I found that if you use pilot holes, and screws , the building is olot easer than bending five pounds of nails.

This pallet shed looks great & it would be great as a chicken coop too with a few additions. I am all for using waste wood as much as possible 35% of the waste in the land fill is wood that could be recycled.
I also did this with 4 to make a leaf, grass compost area in the far back yard, out of the way but very useful. At myflowerbox we make over 80 different planters from waste wood, and have upcycled 100's of tons of wood in the last 15 years.

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