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So, first of all, let’s just pause for a moment to talk about the fact that you all rocked my metaphorical socks off last week when we shared the Grand Reveal of our Rustic Nautical Master Bedroom Makeover. And without any further ado, I give you my hubby, Mark, with the full run-down of How to Build a Custom King Size Bed Frame! As you draft up your plans, pay attention to the total height of the bed, considering the thickness of your box spring and mattress. SUPPORTING.  For a large bed like a king, you will probably want a fifth post in the center.

This hardware is essential in forming a rigid connection between all the bed rails in the frame. You'll be using the lumber to build two end shelves which share the weight of the bed with the Expedit shelves.
For now, just put them through the bed posts and side rail, since we’ll add the headboard later. Here's a simple plan to build your own wooden bed frame that can be modified to any size (or height!) you want.

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