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For a commercial building, corner couch bed will probably be a fine image of luxurious and comfort.
Couch bed is probably the most needed furnishings for both residents and commercial buildings.
Discover free woodworking plans and projects for how to build a nightstand with a secret compartment. Buy it with a drawer handle or buy it without to make your drawer act as a second secret compartment.
This unique secret compartment night stand comes with everything needed for fast assembly (tools included). Follow up video of my experiment into creating a hidden compartment for storage in a old nightstand.
A quick video of my experiment into creating a hidden compartment for storage in a old nightstand.

Building secret compartments into furniture has become one of Furniture Traditions' signature features.
Secret Under Table Compartment- I'm going to make it, and then figure out what to put in it! Start your next project for how to build a nightstand with a secret compartment with one of our many woodworking plans. In the 18th century, high end furniture often contained secret compartments with the concept of: if they can't find it, they can't steal it. This video talks about what materials are used, the tools I will be using on the job and general layout of the compartment. Hidden spaces are perfect to store your personal items without anyone realizing they are there. With one pull of the hidden latch, the secret compartment springs open giving you quick access to you handgun.

A secret compartment in a drawer is only obvious to the owner of the drawer and doesn't require a key or combination.
His only request was if I could add a lock on one of the nightstands to secure a firearm and other valuables. I did not fasten the cove at the front as this will be part of the front of the hidden drawer.

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