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With the guests arriving soon, you want every room to look its best, and the bathroom might be the most important. Inspired by a high-end look, this vanity has all the charm of a warm cottage style, without breaking the bank.
For a very rustic look, try repurposing some fence boards into the perfect vanity top and shelving. A more modern style than the rest, this design keeps all of your beauty needs at your disposal, creating a perfectly sweet vanity without spending too much energy (or $$$)! For a quaint and rustic spa-like look, try this simple step-by-step tutorial for an adorable vanity base, with a deep u-shaped drawer and some space for toiletries and bathroom storage. Follow this eleven step tutorial, to get your own DIY bathroom vanity with plenty of helpful storage space and the refined and finished appeal of a high-end bathroom feature.

I know this might sound bad, but we found some affordable vanities are HOME DEPOT at the end of last summer (2014) and we were happy with the quality.
After the two sides were built, I attached the front three support pieces and the two back supports. Cut away the back portion of the desk, including the back legs, to make a two-legged vanity table that can be secured to the wall. The legs were purchased, the body was built to fit, and the whole piece got a charming weathered wood stain. When you're choosing this all-important component of your bathroom scheme, you don’t have to settle for what you can find in the stores. We’ve collected a list of DIY bathroom vanities with clear and easy-to-follow instructions for DIY beginners who are seeking to impress their guests.

However the all in one offset vanity top with the built in off to the right (offset) sink is just ugly. There are unique DIY bathroom vanity projects that can replicate the many different vanity styles common in today's bathrooms, from large wall-to-wall units to small statement pieces.
DIY bathroom vanity possibilities range from simple upgrades using paint or fun drawer pulls to inventively upcycled dressers or vintage pieces.

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