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We found two wooden trellises from a big box store, which were close to the width of the arbor, and thus could span the sides. Learn how to assemble and install an outdoor arched arbor kit; watch a video containing valuable assembly and installation tips. We use two by fours to experiment with the orientation of the arbor, determining whether we want it angled more toward the back yard or toward the house.
Next, we attach a wooden brace, check the adjacent post for plumb and attach the opposite end of the brace to it. Today's HouseCall, just outside Minneapolis has me helping Ernie and Dana Vauder bridge their husband and wife gardens with an arbor. Now we're ready to cut a second set of beams, the two arch shaped ones that will span the front and rear of the arbor. And even though we might differ on gardening tips, we have, we have one habit in common and that is, at the end of every job, we toast.
For Ernie and Dana, it's both of these things as well as the marital bridge joining their two terrific gardens. Construct a garden arbor with built-in benches on each side for seating and a graceful open-raftered canopy which provides shade.

Using a sketch and two by fours, experiment with the orientation of the arbor, determining the location and desired width.
Trace and cut a second set of beams that will span the front and rear of the arbor using small nails and a thin strip of wood to outline the top and bottom of the arch. Thomas KlenckTo build perfectly square side panels, we drew the post positions directly on the garage floor [9]. We were looking for something made of wood, and fairly simple, with an Arts and Crafts or Craftsman style. We built this in 2006, and after 5 years (with lots of rain and snow storms) it is still doing just fine! Otherwise, the ground could freeze and start pushing the posts up and that wouldn't be a good thing for an arbor.
Each bench seat consists of a pair of two by six cedar boards and once they're screwed down, our arbor is complete. In small spaces, it allows the garden to expand upward and in larger yards like this one, it can also be a decorative passageway, a transition from one area to another.
The cool way is to forget the fence and just build a gateway -- a portal from here to there that implies a change of space without presenting a physical barrier.

This is a little shorter than most arbors but we figured if we went longer it would not allow us to be efficient about the posts--because the 4x4s came in lengths of 8' we wouldn't have to cut them and waste any wood. And I don't know that this spot will ever be filled if it was just left to us and our gardens.
Nail horizontal lattice strips at the tops and bottoms of the posts, again using a small piece of wood as a spacer [10].
Since the style we wanted was pretty easy to mimic, and the construction looked simple, we decided to build one ourselves.
The arbor will be open on the sides except for a pair of benches looking out on both gardens. You can use pressure-treated lumber if you can find straight, dry stock -- warped wood will just leave you frustrated.

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