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The desert beaches of southern coast of Sao Paulo, Brazil, are places of inspiration for environmentally-sensitive architect and designer Carlos Motta. While currently a resident of Sao Paulo, Carlos Motta has spent a lot of time in California, in the 70’s and the 90’s to enhance his studies in woodwork and construction techiniques. Today, in his office, in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Motta developes and produces furniture, sculpture, and architectural products all from recycled wood.
Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have chosen a coconut fibre rug commonly used for doormats as the latest material to incorporate into a furniture collection.

The Campana brothers added the material, known as capacho, to the surfaces of storage pieces made from Brazilian walnut laminated wood.
The surfaces, including those surrounding the voids, are again lined with the fibrous material and framed by the wood. Milan 2010: Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana have designed a range of furniture for Italian brand Edra, including this storage unit entirely concealed by dangling lengths of raffia.
It’s nice to see Dezeen give cat furniture the design attention it has deserved for the last several decades.

Unfortunately, from a design perspective, the coir looks remarkably like the beige carpet used in cat furniture.

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