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We are very grateful to have had a chance to help out with this rolling cube bookshelf, but also want to share the plans with you. Glue the torsion boxes together by sandwiching the edging and the grid section between the plywood skins. Clamp the three shelf components together without glue, so you can check the fit of the miter joints. They all wanted to know how to build the cool-looking shelves that appeared in the background.

Box beams distribute clamping pressure evenly and guarantee your glued-up shelves will be flat. I love the plans with little legs on them :)For any seamstresses who wants to DIY a cloth bin in the fabric of their choosing. The notches allow you to assemble the ribs into the grid sections that comprise the core of the torsion boxes.
Caution: If your shelf and miter gauge are unstable in the starting position because they hang off the front of the saw, use a sled to make this cut.

For maximum strength (to hold your anvil collection, for example) glue and screw the shelves to the ledger boards.

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