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I cut a piece of 1 x 10 pine to length, to attach to the rack at the front with two screws, and also drilled twelve holes through to attach with zip ties to six other locations on the side tubes of the rack.
We managed to mount a Pannier Rack to the back of a BOB trailer to hold an additional set of Panniers. I had bought him a rack (the Delta Post Porter Rack) for a bikepacking trip we did in fall, but the saxophone case was just too long and heavy to attach safely.

He just takes the whole rack off the seat post when not needed, instead of cutting the zip ties.
Then I added a second piece of wood to make a lip at the back that prevents the case from sliding off. When complete, simply remove the car rack and retun it to the spot where it was collecting dust.

The seat post is locked in place normally so you can remove the basket and re-attach the rear seat.

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