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For splendid 12th is an whole girls Bentley wo bentley wood high school 13th February Dance Interform impinging Details. Eight in 10 headship appointments in primary schools have gone to women over the past 12 months according to John Howson, the teacher recruitment expert. Has so many features that are great good indication what your board will look resource - wood.
Parliamentary Candidate Uma Kumaran was delighted to welcome Tristram Hunt MP to Harrow East for a visit to a local school. The Shadow Secretary of State for Education enjoyed a tour of Bentley Wood High School for Girls in Stanmore.
Enter your email address to subscribe to iharrow and receive notifications of new posts by email. Women are being appointed to headships in record numbers and taking over some of the toughest schools in the country.
And a woman who applied to a boys' school was told a governor hadn't voted for her because he thought it would be wrong to have a woman in charge of boys.

Figures from the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) show an 18 per cent increase in women heads in secondary schools and 5 per cent in primaries.
The new head, Joan McVittie, 56, who brought Townsend in with her as a deputy, got the school off Ofsted's danger list within a year and won praise from Tony Blair.
In some urban areas the majority of secondary schools are now led by women, for example, in Newham, Waltham Forest and Tower Hamlets in London and parts of inner-city Birmingham.
She had not thought of headship until the female head of her previous school told her she could do it.
In a series of articles in the past year, The Independent's Education & Careers supplement has profiled a number of outstanding women heads including Janice Howkins, head of Bentley Wood in Harrow, Sue Seifert, head of Montem Primary School in north London, and Jo Shuter, head of Quintin Kynaston school in Westminster. But she suspects that more women are leading schools in difficult circumstances because men don't want the jobs. But I came and looked around and there was a real sense of neglect around the school and the children. In a society where men are still the main bread winners, men are less likely to apply for jobs at schools that are failing and threatened with closure, she says.

Explanations for the increase vary from better working conditions and higher salaries making childcare more affordable, to a greater acceptance of women leaders in the profession, according to research for the NCSL's campaign. Linda Townsend, the deputy head teacher of Woodside High, a large inner-city comprehensive in Tottenham, north London, agrees that there are still a few governors who think men should run tough schools. The governors of Woodside, formerly White Hart Lane, however, appointed a woman to get the school out of difficulty three years ago. Even the best women teachers can lack confidence in their ability to run a school and the budget says Rachel Perkins, 37, head of Kingsbridge Primary in south Devon.
The Future Leaders programme, which prepares senior teachers to run large, urban schools, says 70 per cent of its first intake were women. Moreover in Barrow-in-Furness we encountered another impressive female leader, Enid Fraser, head of Parkview School.

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