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Ford ranger bed cage plans,simple wooden bench design plans,mission style oak dining room chairs,library step stool woodworking plan - . The bolt-in bed cage from Armada Engineering is available as a DIY kit or a fully welded piece.
It's not big enough for a cage but I've been brainstorming a light bar idea I've had so that will be in the works soon. The shocks are just for winter I have a set of Fox for the rear but I've been looking into building a bed cage. With the bed cage fitting properly, we bolted in our Currie F9 onto the leaf springs and finished the axle install. The frame mount allows for easy bed cage removal if need be, once the two large main bolts are loosened on either side. The kit includes a cutting template that limits hole cutting to a minimum and allows for more useable bed space. Definitely need full sticks for a cage but these were a great deal and I can find a bunch of uses for them.
After gathering all the parts we needed, we headed up to Armada Engineering in Chatsworth, California, to install their bolt-in bed cage with our Currie F9, Deaver leaf-springs, and King bypass shocks. The two vertical tubes that are the width of the frame have a vertical plate that goes next to the frame and on the bottom of the rail.

Thanks to the CAD design, laser cut, and CNC-bent tubing, the cage went in easy and flush with the top of the bed. I'll be doing the front shocks at the same time so clearance of the engine cage will be easy. The bed cage keeps the shocks in an ideal location and has left as much usable space as possible, especially since it is still a daily driver.
Bunk crawl in fishing rod holder free hogwash bed plans come bed plans ana white home here 6ft parrakeet Cage digression John & Ronda Swisher. And in related news we're taking this Cherokee shell to the guys at Lenger Racing to have it caged and have a fully custom suspension built. When I do build the bed cage I'm going to make it bolt in like this one and keep it simple too. As an added bonus, this style mount also allows us to only have to cut a few small holes into the bed, giving it a clean overall appearance.
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The 16" would be ideal but I haven't decided if I like the look of the shock higher than the bed. I'm probably going to push the swap to a winter project so it can be caged at the same time.

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In other news, I spent yesterday hanging out at Lenger Racing to discuss the plan of attack for our Cherokee the have right now. This summer it's just going to be a street terror so I can have some fun while saving up money, next winter it'll get equal length beams, 4 linked and a full cage.
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