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Carved Wood Animals From Bali Balinese Carvings Code: WS 3 Mermaids Wooden Sculptures Bali Woodworking from Bali Wood carvings of various animals made by traditional balinese wood craftsmen in island of Bali Indonesia.
In the Balinese living quarters none of these decorations were found until foreign travelers around the 1920's took interest in this beautiful art form. Other styles are the 'Driftwood Style' where parts of the wood are carved into animals, demons and plants while the rest of the wood remains untouched. If you want to see more different styles of wood carvings and learn about the famous Balinese artists who have created them then you can visit a well known museum in Ubud where everything is beautifully displayed. Ubud Market is one of the popular places to stroll along hundreds of stalls all selling the most beautiful Balinese products.
This display of word carvings shows some small wooden statues of Buddha as well as some other styles of carvings.
The Bali wood carvings are just one of many examples that shows how talented the Balinese artists are at their craft. If I was a critic I would have a hard time finding even the slightest imperfection in any of the Bali wood carvings I have seen before.
The designer told me it can take up to a few hours to create the basic design from one piece of wood for a carving of this size.

Augment what balinese wood carving he is still from that experience I deemed cATALYZED LACQUER try out SHER WOOD Cab Acrylic. Just like any other form of art on the island wood carvings were only found as decorations in temples, pavilions, shrines and palaces. This triggered the Balinese wood carvers to create new forms of carvings which were highly appreciated by foreigners.
For those who love to shop for high quality wood carvings you can find these in art shops and galleries while at the market there is a huge selection of souvenirs to take home. Animals are a common theme used in the wood carvings that I came across from different art stores and markets. These particular carvings are only relatively small in size compared to some of the other designs I have seen. They are a Balinese traditional style kind of wood carving and I have seen different variations of this kind of dragon. Walter Spies and Rudolf Bonnet, two European artist who had already influenced the changes in Balinese paintings and dances supported the idea of creating wood carvings as a source of extra income.
You can see wooden statues placed as decorations in temple complexes however these handicrafts can also be found in decorated doors, in beams of buildings, in accessories such as bowls, spoons and in furniture.

But when I first saw this I was shocked at how detailed and perfect the design of it appeared to be.It's hard to imagine that the Bali wood carvers can create these out of one piece of wood.
I asked 'Smarty' who was the owner and creator of these carvings how long it took him to create this horse.
This way more artists were stimulated to create their own style resulting in different types of woodcarvings. Statues of demons, gods and heroes would be made out of wood or they were carved in wooden panels for religious purposes only. The most famous wood carvers who've created work in this type of style are from the village of Mas. This particular Bali wood carving of the elephant is a bit bigger than those from the above picture at approximately 50cm width and 30cm height.

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