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2006: Baker Furniture announced on July 20th the closing of its warehouse distribution and corporate offices in Grand Rapids.
The earliest lines of Baker and its predecessors were bookcases and desks in Golden Oak, with vague Mission or Art Nouveau influences. The Grand Rapids Public Museum and the Grand Rapids Public Library have collections of Baker trade catalogs. The inspiration for Baker Furniture was started in Michigan by a Dutch immigrant craftsman, named Siebe Baker. Before the industrial revolution, furniture craftsmen would hand plane the tops of tables and casegoods. The Baker expertise in meticulously re-crafting history's finest furniture is especially evident in the Historic Charleston collection. During the 1990's, the Baker Furniture Company was selected by Colonial Williamsburg to continue its Reproduction Program. Baker Furniture is also well known for its Stately Homes Collection which reproduces important antiques from English, Scottish and Irish Manor Houses. Stenella says: In the mid part of the 20th century, Baker was the premier high quality furniture company that set the bench mark for other companies. Today, Baker is still going strong with many different lines of furniture, including contemporary, French, decorative upholstery, and traditional. If you have used Baker furniture pieces that you are looking to sell or liquidate, be sure to contact us for buyout and consignment terms. Baker furniture is one of the leading companies of furniture, which is very popular and trusted as a great company providing high quality furniture.
This company actually built at 1890 by Hiram Delano, Henry cook and Siebe Baker, but this was originally built not as a furniture company.

From the Baker furniture history, it is obvious why this company named as Baker and how this company built its name to be a good manufacturer in furniture. It seems that the challenge of live in a small space has been answered by several manufacturers since they start to provide a wide selection of furniture for small spaces.
Hollis Baker continued the furniture craftsman tradition forming the beginnings of the company in the 1920's. Based on thousands of hours of research and design, each piece is inspired by the era's original furniture.
With its years of experience and quality craftsmanship, Baker furniture was already well respected for its furniture made under license to the Historic Charleston Foundation, and continued this tradition for Colonial Williamsburg.
Classic and timeless designs, high quality production processes and attention to detail make many of these older Baker pieces a great value.
However, at 190, this company began produce furniture, which later became a part 0f a major furniture revolution in the Grnd Rapids.
Everybody has this furniture in the bathroom, but it does not mean that all medicine cabinets are created equal.
Authentic period reproductions of Duncan Phyfe designs were made from pieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as early as 1923, and soon afterwards Baker became established in its niche of mahogany, walnut, and maple period reproductions from 18th-century England and France, and Colonial and Federal America. Traditional and modern styled office furniture is today make by the Baker contract furniture division.
Even dating that far back in history, the same hallmark theme has transcended the company which is construction of fine quality furniture made with high end woods.
Today, the finest Baker craftsmen employ this old world tradition to create several of the pieces in this collection. Though the prices may be higher than other lines on the market, Baker's pieces should remain in style long into the future.

Baker tends to be an industry leader as far as trends and designs while still manufacturing many traditional and timeless pieces such as their Historic Charleston and Stately Homes Collections.
Knowing about its history may make you more interesting by furnishing your home with Baker furniture. An often seen sign with Baker is the technique of inlay and marquetry.The technique of marquetry is to decorate a piece where elaborate patterns are formed by the insertion of pieces of material (such as wood, shell, or ivory) into a wood veneer that is then applied to a surface. Baker was the only name because he has bought out his partners and his son, Hollis Baker, join the business as soon as he has graduated. Baker, Sr., who expanded the company and the number of factories, and made frequent trips abroad to collect books and furniture pieces as style examples for his designers.
Baker furniture history is quite interesting since this company built well by the owner in producing and growing the products.
The growth of the company was very significant when Baker & Co purchased the Lane Piano Factory in Holland, Mich. Under his presidency Baker established the Millington Road Shops and later the Manor House in New York, exclusive showrooms of reproduction furniture. Since the growth, the furniture from Baker can be found both in Grand Rapids and New York city. In order to expand the growth of the company, Baker & co planned to purchase the Williams-Kimp company and the Grand Rapids chair company.

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