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Sign up for the ToolCrib newsletter and get great woodworking resources like this in your inbox! Here are a couple of quick links with pics to Frank Pellow’s super sweet workbench on wheels. To build the bench you'll need a tablesaw, planer, belt or orbital sander, a router and a circular saw.
Simple, stout construction absorbs vibration and can handle any woodworking procedure from chopping deep pocket mortises to routing an edge on a round tabletop. Woodworkers often look at the workbench as an essential project, a core project that both teaches and creates a highly useful product.
I wrote about Frank originally in The Story of a “Forum Assisted” Woodworking Shop: Frank Pellow’s Shop Build Journal. Screw the two end pieces of birch plywood (H) to the cabinet, placing the screws where the face frame will cover them (Fig.

This morning I decided it was finally time to research and write our ultimate guide to workbench plans (a second in the series I started with free router table plans). The vast majority of the existing free workbench plans out there are for full size workbenches. American Woodworker magazine was acquired by F+W Media (parent company of Popular Woodworking) in 2014. Last but not least, we devised a simple method to make the bench mobile and still provide a rock-solid work platform. The bench dog piece is placed second from the edge with the dadoes facing toward the front edge. For those with no workshop space… and those who feel uncomfortable with others knowing about their woodworking habits… we proudly present the camouflaged workbenches! How cool to check my inbox and find a note from Frank Pellow to let me know that he’d completed his workbench!

To me it always help to read about others who have gone before… these threads are from woodworkers who built their own benches and either asked questions or showed off their final product in their favorite forum. I went out to all the free workbench plan sites, gathered their links by hand and then reorganized them with the woodworker in mind. Here are the free workbench plan lists that I went through to find the best workbench plans. Our dream bench starts with traditional workbench features like a thick top, a sturdy base, bench dogs and a pair of vises.

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