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Only four American Girls existed when I received an American Girl doll, Samantha, for my birthday. I think I just aged myself. December 29, 2014 By The Inquisitive Mom 5 Comments You can find tutorials for these projects and more on my DIY Dollhouse Pinterest Board!
McKinzie discovered this awesome DIY Collapsible Room Tutorial from Green and Gorgeous and decided to follow it to create a house full of rooms. Her daughter already had a doll bed and grandma was gifting a stove, sleeping bag, doll clothes, and play food for Christmas. The couch and chairs were made by searching for DIY American Girl Dollhouse couch and chairs on Pinterest using recycled cardboard boxes and sewing craft material I found around the house.

My lucky niece even had a creative grandpa who made this amazing horse stable for her American Girl horses! Be sure to visit The Real Thing with the Coake Family for 60 more American Girl Doll ideas!
With an official American Doll bed at $150 alone, though, Santa wasn’t bringing a full dollhouse anytime soon. I quickly realized I needed something compact (a lot of DIY American Girl Dollhouse options were bookcase size) and affordable. McKinzie discovered this cardboard furniture tutorial and created furniture to enhance the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

I am pleased to be able to share my unique crafting and DIY ideas with you, as well as creative ideas I've come across over the years. My sister, McKinzie, decided to visit Pinterest to find DIY American Girl Dollhouse alternatives to the pricey originals. Crafts are a great way for kids to use their imagination to create things for their doll collection.

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