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Plywood is made by assembling number of veneers in defined pattern to get uniform strength in different directions. Softwood is usually made either of spruce, pine, and fir, and is typically used for construction and industrial purposes. Other types are fire retardant, moisture resistant, marine grade, sign grade, pressure treated, hardwood and softwood plywoods. I want to know the cost of 6mm 12mm 18mm (8X4) waterproof plywood sheet and plywood doors.Oct 8, 2010.

6mm ,12mm,18mm,19mm keruing plywood for indian market, View 12mm commercial plywood, golden fushi Product Details from Shouguang Fushi Wood Co., Ltd. Smaller factories make them using plantation wood primarily due to absense of quality logs. Applications: Industrial Filters, Panelling and ceiling substrate in Hotels, Hospitals, Theatres, etc. 18mm cheap waterproof formwork plywood sheet,marine laminated plywood sheets, View laminated plywood sheets, Chantaplex Product Details from Linyi Chanta Plywood Co., Ltd.

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