AUGUST 24th, 2017

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Here is this week's curated collection of cloud industry content. 


 8 Requirements For a CMP Shopping List

For admins and cloud architects looking to manage, automate and standardize their cloud infrastructure - i.e. building a cloud management platform, there's two solutions. Regardless of whether you build or buy, this list gives you the absolute essentials of cloud management. 




Whitepaper: Managing Cloud Costs

Many companies turn to the cloud with organizational productivity in mind and soon find that tendencies of over-provisioning, a lack of financial visibility and abandoned infrastructure result in inflated costs. In this solution brief, we discuss how Scalr approaches Cloud Cost Management, and why reporting simply isn't enough to reign in costs in the cloud.




How Self-Service Impacts Cloud Spend 

Controlling costs in the cloud is more than reporting on it. Consider that the way users consume resources directly impacts cloud spend, so for the enterprise, figuring out the right way to build self service can ensure a cost-effective cloud.




From the Web

Here's some other good stuff we thought you'd like. 

Hybrid Cloud: 10 Notable Statistics -
Since cloud technology began revolutionizing IT shops of all shapes and sizes, we’ve seen a steady stream of lofty statistics and bold predictions about the future of cloud.

Introducing Network Service Tiers: Your cloud network, your way -
Developers can now choose between a premium tier, which routes traffic over Google’s own high-speed networks for as long as possible to minimize hops and distance, and a standard tier, which routes traffic over the public internet.

Google App Engine Firewall -
A feature from GCP: with App Engine firewall, you provide a set of rules, order them by priority and specify a set of IP addresses to block or allow, and GCP takes care of the rest.

Bonus: Uber's Original Pitch Deck -
Not quite related to the cloud, but an interesting reflection on the humble beginnings of a technology juggernaut. 



A friendly FYI that we'll be at VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas. From August 26th to the 31st, we'll be on the show floor at Booth 1808 doing demos of the Scalr CMP, including our latest integrations with VMware.

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