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Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer's view in any way.
The Japanese edition of 'ZDNet' is published under license from CBS Interactive, Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA. Hello everybody, this is my first blog so do not be to harsh, but I would like some subs and diamonds. Quivers is still under implemented, sky block has been rumored for 1.5, furniture was implemented but they scrapped it, nether has all aggressive mobs, well IDK about mutant food, and finally horses will not be added due to the pigs new feature. I'de say being able to stab with swords, which can be done by holding left click (you'll be able to move where you want to stab, just like charging a bow) and then let go. I like the medieval feel in Minecraft but here's some idea's anyway:-Curtains-Suits of Armour-Carpet's-You know the map selection like superflat and Default. At the top of the screen, the temperature and fan speed diagnostics are on display, with voltage towards the bottom. Profiles can be set for each fan, ranging from Standard (adjusts speed based on the temperature), Silent (which minimises speeds), Turbo (which maxes the fans) and Manual (which allows you to manually configure a fan speed. Next to SATA Configuration, you’ll definitely need to check your Boot Configuration before installing Windows 8.
So, we have a few minor and cosmetic settings here, including setting the Number Lock state at boot, enabling or disabling a full screen logo, and pausing boot if an error occurs – the F1 key will resume it.
He's the author of a number of guides to Windows, Windows Server and OS X Server and runs his own successful publishing business. Born and raised in Liverpool, England, Terry has been awarded Microsoft's prestigious Most Valuable Professional Award each year since 2008 for his work on We Got Served.
The server had been running fine with the mod, but a good 4 hour run run of OCCT caused it to stop. While playing with software on the machine, I realized that ymboc's statements about stability were on point. I thought that I would let MusicIP so it's thing using 1 thread while I let MediaMonkey run also (it uses only one thread unless you run two simultaneous conversions). Sure I would be using the memory I bought for the MSS and my old power supply from an old build. I just want to say that anything could be going on, it could be heat (I kind of doubt that - I have an AC blowing on it all day) or the power supply or more likely the motherboard itself not being capable of deliver power to processor. The home build would be twice the size of the MSS at best but it would crank through media encoding like nothing else and be stable. For those of you suffering with instability I seriously recommend trying the sheet of paper mod. I took a piece of paper and cut it so that when folded in half it covers the drive bays when the door is closed.
The NB temp is HIGHER (basically leading me to conclude that the NB temp isn't the problem, I've had an A64 machine before and NB temps were high on that as well, I think it would need to get into the 60s or 70s to cause a shut down). I don't know what the problem is, but I feel that it is something that none of the sensors are measuring.
It seems to me that finally those two fans are going to be pulling air through the motherboard.
Edit2: I got a little gutsy and decided to go ahead and run two more threads of MediaMonkey since I was doing my whole library in two batches to run 2 threads and saturate both cores.
The reason why I want two cores is because I want to install a Hauppauge HD-PVR on the MSS. One time a while back I got a memory.dmp file that pointed to IPv6 as the problem, so I removed the IPv6 stack since I don't need it. If, after all this transcoding, when I run my 2 Squeezecenters + Twonky the machine shuts down even once, I will just have to buy that saved cart and say goodbye to the MSS. I have to agree that 2 cores is necessary if you want to do anything else other than basic file serving. After my library gets encoded later today, I will either open up the machine and clean everything with 97% isopropyl and reseat all the the heatsinks and see what other chips in there get hot.
As a side note, it has been cranking out 100% CPU since around noon today and I ran a manual PC backup. Alright I opened it up and really the only thing that makes sense to me is that the power supply is capable of providing enough power for the BE2350 but in that small case it can't help but overheat with that power load.
Honestly after opening it up I grew a new respect for the MSS and I realized that I am definitely pushing this machine too hard. In normal everyday usage it should never hit the PS temps that 100% CPU for 12+ hours can cause. I used that fan before as supplementary cooling for a video card I converted to passive cooling. For those wondering about drives getting hot, they do get hot but seriously in my air conditioned room they should be fine, in any case drives don't need much cooling (certainly not 2x80mm fans at 2500RPM worth) so they should be fine with the air flow they get from the gaps. All in all, I guess I will try to make this machine workable, and I think it actually is right now even with the paper mod.
It is nice alternative to MSS, with options to drop quad core processor (when AMD get out low power ones). This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking.
For parts or not working: An item that does not function as intended or is not fully operational.

Now, what you all have been waiting for!!!!=======================What Do You Want in Future Versions Of Minecraft?======================Hi everybody today I will be doing a Blog on what you want in future Minecraft. Power On By PCIE allows PCI Express devices to wake the PC, Power On By Ring enables powering by a modem or similar legacy device. Monitor, which displays an assortment of temperature and power statuses, and allows you to change the PC’s fan settings. At the centre of the menu, you’ll find the ability to enable or disable ASUS’ Q-Fan Control – this monitors the chassis and CPU fans and provides a warning if speed drops below a setting you configure (in RPM). You can force the setup to display boot messages from any add-on devices and configure the EFI BIOS Utility to start in EZ or Advanced Mode. He started the community in February 2007 with a mission to help families, tech enthusiasts everywhere figure out the technology needed to run the modern home and small business. I've been playing with my BE2350 modded MSS for a while and I've done a couple of cool things with it and have been playing with Twonky, Squeezecenter and a few other things. I thought to myself that I'll never run the machine that way, and it was a stable machine for the 2-3 weeks prior to that. You cannot assume that the load that OCCT creates is something that won't be seen in usage.
MediaMonkey can made this as easy as it possibly could be (still there is a lot of manual work involved in cleaning up your tags). I placed a plain piece of paper covering the drives and ironically my while my temps went up, my machine is more stable than before. If you are mounting your WHS in the basement then size is not an issue so you might be better served by something else if you see yourself running some encoding or validation.
Note that my fans are at maximum speeds using MSS fan control, and I would try it with anything slower just yet. Now I may have 5 major threads running (not efficient) but 3 of those should be done in the next 2 hours while the 2 main MediaMonkey threads will likely run until evening tomorrow. 2 cores is a requirement for this machine, I thought 256MB of graphics memory was also a requirement, but I learned through Hauppauge that it was not necessary for just recording HD videos, it is only necessary for viewing, which will be done by other machines through streaming.
Alternatively I could kick off a nice OCCT or Orthos session and actually quantify any improvement.
The Shuttle power supply I used(PC-40) has fans on both ends and is very quiet, but the 4050e still shuts down on occasion. I think that depending on various factors the basic thing is that the power supply just gets too hot and shuts down. In truth I should have a desktop to do this sort of heavy lifting and then write the finished files to the server, but I don't have the money or the space right now. The shutdowns I believe are thermally related and with my air flow mod it is at least several orders more stable than before where any 100% CPU usage + opening the wrong program would cause an instant shut down. I don't think the instability has anything to do with the CPU temps, NB temps or power supplied to the processor. I redid the mod to make the paper seal the drive area better and when I put the machine back together I took great care in making sure the PS cable stayed far away from the PS air intake.
This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use.
Finally Power On by RTC allows you to configure a real time event, waking the PC at a specific time. Well, we need to ensure that the PC boots up from the right device, and for our home server, that means a. I wanted to report about this sooner but I really wanted to be sure and test the machine a little more and try to figure out what software loads can cause a shutdown. A time may come when you might need to transcode video on the fly or run some heavy CPU intensive process on it.
So, now I have an overkill system for what I'm doing, I'd be fine with the stock processor.
But now I have not figured out how to configure the HD-PVR for the MSS (it works like a charm on my laptop), for the moment it doesn't connect. I could end up throwing a lot of money on fans and mods to try to make it stable or I could just save that money, buy what I really need and sell the MSS in its stock config. I will admit that I pushed the machine hard last night, but a stable machine should handle it without shutting down.
Right now though the size of this machine is the only thing keeping me from building out something. So, now I have an overkill system for what I'm doing, I'd be fine with the stock processor.The reason why I want two cores is because I want to install a Hauppauge HD-PVR on the MSS. The tiny fan is constantly running at full speed and it is the source of all that hot air from the bottom of the back of the unit. I don't want to mod the power supply, but I'd love to put a fan capable of pushing more air in there.
The air coming out of the lower part of the mediasmart is warmer than it was with the stock power supply, so the double fans are doing their job. I took a look inside and there is no space for any real air flow in there and it's very cramped. A half-way solution of using the smallest mini-tower case would be at least twice the size, but it would essentially be a fast desktop with a lot of hard drive space. My temps right now after opening it and allowing it to cool, are still very low after kicking off a dual thread transcode about an hour ago.

The problem is that direction of air flow is away from the grill, so the side without the grill will be facing the PS and the PS cable may very well stop it from rotating. I want to try to seal that area as best as I can so that as much air as possible flows through the PS and the MB area and not the drives. When I was looking I saw another Chenbro case but it seemed to be out of stock at many places. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
When I upgraded my homeserve some months back, to WHS2011, I did like you, backed up my UEFI, and upgraded to the newest. In my playing with Twonky, I realized that an all FLAC library is good only at home with Squeezecenter. I also had let MediaMonkey organize my files, but that made MusicIP need to re-validate most of my library.
Ultimately, I think the designers at HP made tolerances for all those real world factors and built the machine to be pretty at the cusp of what can be done in a machine of its size. In the process I felt that the fan design just seems to blow cold air out the back through the drives but the air coming out at the bottom is pretty hot.
That combination minus the MusicIP validation caused a shutdown before in less than 2 minutes before when I tried to open speedfan also. But if I cannot configure HD-PVR with the MSS, I will have to consider looking for hardware, like you did, to build the machine necessary to do what I want.
The KPCs that use those power supplies are downright spacious compared to what we are working with. It would be the ultimate solution for someone who uses only laptops but needs a machine to store files and do all the computing grunt work for the whole home.
That's a great setup and one that I will go to if my MSS (which has been behaving of late) won't stay stable. Lot's of monsters, many deep cave's easy to fall in, lot's of mountain's with cliff edge's, and deep river's.-They should also add more gamemode's for certain people. Even still, I became frustrated with the instability of this machine and I went so far as to create a cart at Newegg for the parts for a nice quad core based WHS using a beautiful Lian-Li aluminum case + Q6600 + Asus motherboard that has: 8 SATA ports (one or two can be eSata using the supplied backplate), 6 USB ports, overclockability to 3GHZ easy, an $30 video card with HDMI, and 4 memory slots all for about $500.
All in all I think that if you are planning to use the MSS for file serving then the stock processor will be good enough and the device will happily meet your needs.
If it is on tomorrow morning, then I will just delete my Newegg cart and be done with thoughts of building a WHS for at least a year or two. But now I have not figured out how to configure the HD-PVR for the MSS (it works like a charm on my laptop), for the moment it doesn't connect.Anyways when this will work, my CPU will be sollicited to maximum. There simply needs to be better airflow in the PS for me to run an upgraded processor at 100% CPU for hours together. I think I will live out this machine for a year and see if there are 35w processors coming out. If you want to or need to mod it then be careful because people are having problems with all sorts of upgrades.
It would give me the ability to easily have parallel libraries at different bitrates if I so chose. After that let's see what the replacement machine looks like and based on that a decision to build or buy the replacement will have to be taken. I tried countless ways, with the same result…a message stating that the UEFI I was trying to restore, was older then the version I had now, so it could not do it. Maybe I should have gone with a BE2300, but even $80 later my luck might not be so great even with that. I intend to set up 2 parallel Squeezecenters and run one with the Flac library for Squeezebox and the other for the MP3 library just for easy downloads and access on my phone. MY CPU and NB temps are never above a reasonable point by themselves in fact the stock heatsinks for those are pretty massive given the space inside. CPU temps of 50-60C are found under heavy load in many systems and the NB at 53C is something I wouldn't even bother to worry about.
I ended up needing to use some thirdparty UEFI tool, and flash the UEFI wiht coutless warnings about errors etc, but it worked. If the machine gets me through my encoding and validation reliably then I think I'll be happy given that the size of the unit is second to none for a NYC apartment. Then, the MSS will be useless.Since I love this machine, I strongly hope I will be able to make it work with the HD-PVR. But that PS is just getting too hot and it's piddly little fan is just blowing out large amounts of hot air.
On another computer I visit \\SERVER\Software and burn the Home Server Recovery CD in a few minutes, then boot off that CD on Uncle Ronnie's machine.
I didn't have to restart the restore, just press Scan and it loads the drivers dynamically.
Unfortunately it didn't find the hard-wired network adapter I was planning on using to restore this laptop. I went to the Dell Drivers Website and found the download for the Marvel Wired Network Drivers.
I clicked Scan again and the wired network adapter showed up in the list and the restore of Uncle Ronnie's old backup to his new hard drive worked perfectly!

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