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I’m back, but only for a minute A because I’m working hard on transforming our pinky-beige bonus room into an art and craft studio fit for an art show! Remove the dust screen from the bottom plate (if your fan has one.) Wipe it clean and set it aside. Clean the fan blades, arms, and the brass bottom cover well with a damp rag and some multi-purpose spray cleaner if necessary.
Reassemble your ceiling fan blades and then attach the arms to the fan with the freshly painted fan blades facing the floor.
Having your ceiling and fan blades painted the same flat white color helps the blades blend into the ceiling and almost disappear. The best part is that I didn’t have to buy a new fan, spend time installing it and worry about the old fan ending up in the landfill!
Old, new, brass or blue… remember that there are so many different paints and finishes available and Pretty Handy Girl has just shown us how to pull apart a basic ceiling fan to customize it in our very own way. Oh I did the same thing with my ceiling fan, and it not only turned out great, it is very quiet now from all the screw tightening! Our fans and we have one in every bedroom have the five light attached on them the glass cups are kind of curvy and the center glass has grooves.
TweetHome Improvement Writer: Benjamin Roussey As a homeowner you aim to ensure that your home is comfortable and cool in the summers, even as you try to reduce your energy consumption.
While a ceiling fan is a pleasant device for keeping you cool in the summer without increasing your energy consumption significantly, a rocking ceiling fan can be a complete nuisance.
1.Loose Fan MotorA main component of your ceiling fan is the fan motor that ensures all of the blades of the fan rotate to create the breeze that cools you. If the rocking of your ceiling fan does not stop after you have cleaned the blades, you need to retain the services of a skilled and experienced electrical contractor to fix the issue. As a homeowner you are aware of the importance of ensuring that all your electrical gadgets and equipment are working properly. Whether you are using a ceiling fan because you want to reduce your carbon footprint or your energy bill, you should also ensure that it is fixed properly and safe to use. Choose any finish appropriate for metal and your brass can be pewter, and your white wood blades could even be covered in wallpaper or fabric. But it’s really up high and it has a 4-foot long brass stem that extends down from the ceiling.
A simple way this can be achieved is by installing and using a ceiling fan in frequently used rooms. However, the fan motor can either become loose or be fixed incorrectly causing the ceiling fan to rock.

5.Choosing RedbeaconYou can retain the services of a skilled electrical contractor with ease by taking the help of Redbeacon. By ensuring that your ceiling fan no longer rocks when switched on you will be able to use it knowing that it is safe. AND, even if your blades are white, I’m going to show you a trick that will help make that fan almost disappear on the ceiling. No idea how I’d be able to spray paint that, and I think it would look odd to leave it shiny brass.
A ceiling fan stirs up a breeze and cools you while consuming less power than an air conditioner. For this you need to retain the services of an experienced electrical contractor who can examine the ceiling fan and determine if the fan motor is loose. All you have to do is spend as less as thirty seconds at the Redbeacon site and register your needs. Additionally, a ceiling fan that does not rock when switched on will provide a better and more uniform breeze, be less distracting, and help reduce your energy bill in the hot months.
Even if this does not happen, a rocking ceiling fan is an irritant leading people to avoid switching it on. And I’m sure if you have children, they would love to have a say in the creation of their own personal fan for their room. You can also use a ceiling fan to provide a cooling effect and increase the thermostat of your air conditioner by a couple of degrees. The contractor will also tighten the screws, fixing the fan motor and ensuring that the fan does not rock any more.
Redbeacon will then match your requirements against their database of electrical contractors and identify those who are available to do the work for you. A busy homeowner who does not have the time or the expertise to fix a rocking ceiling fan on their own should call an experienced electrical contractor to examine the fan and ensure that the issue is resolved.
As such you need to take steps to ensure that the rocking ceiling fan is fixed as soon as possible by identifying the cause of the problem.
I can just imagine a fan for a little girl’s room where the interior of the blades is a gingham fabric and the blade surround is painted white.
2.Out of BalanceAnother reason for a ceiling fan to rock is if the blades are not balanced properly. This will ensure that you can enjoy the breeze of the fan and stay cool in the hot summer months.Have a question?
The blades have to be aligned correctly at accurate angles for the entire fan to remain in balance.

Meanwhile, Redbeacon will also check the online reviews of the contractors and ensure that the quality of service they provide is up to the Redbeacon standards. When the blades are repositioned, realigned, or disrupted during cleaning, it can create an imbalance of the fan that will cause it to rock incessantly. Redbeacon will then forward four bids to you, enabling you to choose one contractor to check your rocking ceiling fan. Again, a skilled electrical contractor will be able to spot the problem and adjust it appropriately so that your fan does not rock and is safe to use. Once you have selected a contractor, the work will commence as per the schedule given in the contract.
3.Not Securely MountedA ceiling fan is a fairly heavy piece of equipment that needs to be mounted securely. Redbeacon will wait for 24 hours to hear from you once the work has been completed before releasing the payment to the contractor.
The fan should only be installed in the ceiling if there is an electrical box rated highly enough to support the load. Moreover, the fan must be secured firmly to the ceiling in order for it not to rock or wobble when in use. By retaining the services of an electrical contractor you can ensure that your ceiling fan is securely mounted to eliminate the problem. 4.Dirt or Dust on BladesCeiling fans perform optimally and safely when the blades are properly aligned and balanced. However, the blades of the ceiling fan attract dirt and dust, changing the balance of the fan. If you find that your ceiling fan is rocking, you need to first eliminate the simplest issue by cleaning the blades. However, you need to take care that you do not dislodge the blades, bend them, change their alignment, or loosen the fastening of the fan to the ceiling when you clean the blades. Once you have cleaned the blades of the fan, switch it on again and check to see if the rocking has stopped.

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