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Individuals who are interested in incorporating vintage accessories into their wardrobes or buying such accessories as gifts may wish to buy handheld fans. Before buying a vintage fan, buyers should familiarize themselves with the basic features of such fans.
Rigid fans feature a sturdy handle with one solid leaf of wood, heavy paper, or woven fiber that serves as the fan.
Buyers who are interested in purchasing rare items may wish to search for vintage bone fans. Made from the tusks of elephants, ivory is no longer legal for trade in many Western nations. Lightweight, patterned silks known as silk damask are often used in the production of fans. Beautiful ostrich feather fans were popular among Hollywood elite and opera goers from the 1920s to the 1950s. Woven grasses and other fibers, such as raffia, have been used in the construction of folk art fans for several centuries.
A feathered fan is the traditional choice for individuals who are attending the theater or opera. Buyers who are purchasing vintage fans must carefully examine the fan's condition, materials, and age. Dealers who work with vintage items use special terms to describe the condition of those items. In general, fans made before the 20th century are more valuable than those produced during the 20th century. When buying a vintage item, it is important to ask the seller a variety of questions designed to ascertain the item's overall value.
Individuals who are interested in buying vintage fans on eBay should navigate to the vintage fans area. Parts of this bulletin board may not function unless you enable JavaScript (also called Active Scripting) in your browser.
Two to three consecutive days of 70+ degree weather and my third story apartment becomes a hot box. If retro style is your thing, but vintage mechanical parts and fraying cords aren't, this Allaire Desk Fan in Brushed Nickel from Restoration Hardware might be more up your alley.
David PrinceAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowElectric fans from the 1900s through the late 1950s were pricey, so when people bought them for the home, they wanted the models to last for many seasons. Major manufacturers of stylish electric fans were General Electric, Emerson, Westinghouse, and Robbins & Myers.
With vibrant lithographed imagery, turn-of-the-century parlor games claim a monopoly on fun. The Vintage Gyro Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire The Vintage Gyro Ceiling Fan is well suited as a smart looking and delightful ceiling fan.
The Minka Group, the parent company of Minka Aire, is a family of businesses that is knit together by a single level of quality over a broad range of price points.

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It you like vintage lighting then the Vintage light range available at Zurleys has a unique and industrial style design to it. During the past 25 centuries, the majority of fans have followed two basic design patterns. These fans are composed of fabric or paper stretched over a wooden, plastic, ivory, or bone frame. Buyers who are interested in purchasing fans made between the mid-50s and the present day will likely find many fans with plastic handles and frames. After World War II, silk damask became popular because machine production made this striking fabric affordable. While lace fans were traditionally made in white or ivory lace, they are available in a wide variety of colors. The majority of fans made from such fibers come from either Pacific Island nations or Latin America. Buyers should investigate the true condition of the fan by asking the seller questions and conducting a visual inspection.
Buyers should keep in mind that older fans may show significant signs of wear and tear that can drag down their overall worth. Fans from these areas may be significantly more expensive than fans made in Europe or in the Americas. When shopping for vintage fans, focus on asking the seller questions about where the fan was obtained and whether it has been appraised by an antiques expert. Individuals who wish to buy vintage fans either for display or everyday use will find a wealth of such fans on the consumer market. Without an air conditioner, the only quick cooling alternative (besides an ice bath) is a fan. Priced from from $99 to $149 depending on size, the oscillating fan made with solid steel construction is also available in black.
The Vintage Gyro Ceiling Fan has a variety of finishes at hand to blend seamlessly with your decor. Minka Aire has grown to become a strong leader in the decorative ceiling fan and Lighting industry.
Buyers should determine the type of fan they would like to buy before beginning the search process. Each arm on the frame works independently and is connected to the fan as a whole via a hinge. While such materials can provide flexibility and are available in a variety of colors, buyers should exercise caution when buying fans made from plastics as they can become brittle over time. Speak with a professional appraiser prior to purchasing a bone fan that shows significant yellowing or discoloration. This beautiful material is durable and slightly flexible but may suffer from discoloration.

The chart below provides information about the types of fans that are best suited to a variety of situations. The area in which a fan was manufactured can also have a significant effect on fan pricing.
Due to the delicacy of some fan materials, buyers should check for discoloration and pest damage when buying new fans.
Fans made by native artists are generally more valuable than fans made in factories run by colonial superpowers.
Individuals who are shopping for fans made from specific materials can plug their keywords into the search box on the vintage fans page.
And while our tabletop Vornado is a little work horse, it just doesn't have the same sort of panache as these retro fans from Etsy vintage shops. Buyers should be sure that they can establish the pedigree of a true vintage fan before making a purchase. Some rigid fans made during the 19th and 20th centuries feature thin paper or fabric stretched over a wood, bone, ivory, or plastic frame.
Vintage ivory hand fans may also show significant discoloration but tend to be very valuable. Bamboo fans are often classified as wood fans despite the fact that bamboo is actually a grass. However, it can be more difficult to restore a vintage fan with a worn painting or drawing.
Individuals who would like to build a collection of vintage fans are advised to focus on collecting fans from one geographic area.
They may look like folding fans but can be distinguished by the lack of a hinge or moving arms. Some folding fans are made from long, rectangular pieces of wood or thick paper that are held together by a hinge. Fans with handles made from wood or plastic should be less expensive than those with bone or ivory handles. The most popular of these fans are made from sandalwood, a fragrant wood found in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Carefully evaluate the pricing of fans in such shops as they tend to be significantly higher than fan prices online. Such fans are highly desirable due to the level of precision needed to render such pictures. Buyers who are interested in purchasing fans for display or collection purposes may wish to consult with an appraiser prior to making a purchase.
Machine production has allowed for the wide distribution of such fans since the late 1940s.

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