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Fortunately, attic fans are designed to not only dispel summer heat but also to reduce winter moisture. During summer, hot air that builds up in an attic flows downward into the living spaces below. As the warm air contacts the cooler surfaces of attic structures like rafters, trusses and roof sheathing, the moisture it was carrying collects on the surface as water droplets or frost.
In climates where winter snow and cold temperatures are common, ice dams are another concern. All homes are at risk for moisture accumulation, even newer ones that use advanced insulation materials and methods to make them more energy efficient. Installing an attic fan before winter snows and cold temperatures hit can help eliminate structural damage and costly home repairs.
Designed for maximum airflow, reliable performance, and whisper-quiet operation, energy-efficient Solar Star Attic Fans install easily and require no maintenance.

That’s when they’re most concerned about venting hot air before it can build up and overheat their homes. By continually exchanging warm, moist air from inside the attic with cooler, drier air from the outside of the home, it prevents condensation from occurring. There are cheaper attic fans but not higher quality - Rated #1 by Home Builders - Don't be fooled by competitor brands with lower quality designs or materials. But here’s a fact many people don’t know: attic fans are just as important, if not more so, in the winter. As heated, interior air moves throughout a home, it collects water vapor that is created when homeowners bathe, cook, wash dishes, do laundry, and run humidifiers. It melts snow on the roof, which flows down toward the eaves and gutter where the roof temperature is cooler. That’s when moisture accumulation tends to increase due to extreme temperature variances, and it can be just as damaging to a home as heat.

As a result, heat loss increases, causing the temperature to decrease in the living spaces below.
This causes the snowmelt to refreeze and, over several days, to accumulate into a pile of ice.
The blockage prevents water from draining, so it forces its way under the shingles where it induces leaks and results in damage to roof structures, walls, ceilings and insulation.

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