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Step Two: Wrap yellow around can, hot glue the length of one end to the can, wrap and secure the other end with hot glue from top to bottom. Step four: For the sharpened end of pencil wrap beige cardstock around top of pencil,  glue cone from top of paper to bottom.
Step five: Trim paper so that the bottom just overlaps the lid by a ? “, cut a jagged edge so that it resembles a sharpened pencil. Step six: Use a black sharpie to make the lead, and writing on your pencil- personalize it with the teachers name, school name, or mascot for a fun touch. What an adorable craft, I’m sure teachers would be impressed and grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift. This is an adorable idea and much moire unique than the many items teachers are used to getting I’m sure. What’s important to you when it comes to mechanical pencils?  Which is your favorite?

Fully agree with your comments regarding the Caran d’Ache mechanical pencil (model 844 from the Office line). Nevertheless, I definitely appreciate their writing instruments, even if some of them are absolutely expensive. Fold yellow cardstock inward evenly at 2” intervals in the same direction, crease well at each fold — you want all the creases facing the same way.
This will be your back seam, try to line each of your next cardstock pieces up with the same seam so that you have one nice line down the back.
I was wondering what you used when I saw the first pic… we always have a Pringles can around here.
It can be a challenge, or at least I think so, to find a gift that works well for a new teacher. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.

One of my favorite things to gift to teachers is school supplies, often children come to school missing these key items. Not everyone likes certain flowers, colors, etc, so this would be a really cute, and well received gift. Teachers repeatedly have to dip into their personal funds to buy extra supplies — so giving them a hand is a GREAT way to relieve some of that pressure. Since pencils are pretty much used for everything during the school day, I picked up a couple boxes and thought well wouldn’t they be cute in a pencil shaped holder. And, since I had several empty containers of Pringles lying around, I thought I could put together something cute (and affordable).

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