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A coffer (or coffering) in architecture is a sunken panel in the shape of a square, rectangle, or octagon in a ceiling, soffit or vault. Coffered ceilings are one of the more labor intensive jobs performed by a finish and trim carpenter.
Coffered ceilings are suitable for any room in your home but are mostly installed in foyers, living rooms, dining rooms and offices. The ANC-4000 is our standard sound absorption panel that is perfect for most applications with the exception of use in high abuse areas.
The ANC-3000 Sound Absorption panel can be installed on walls or ceiling using mechanical clips, adhesive or hook & loop.
American Tin Ceiling makes tin ceilings and metal ceilings, authentic embossed metal tin ceiling panels. Many people prefer drywall ceiling texture to painting drywall; either popcorn ceiling texture or a knock down finish, for instance. Quick coffered cieling, first layout the rectangles so they are wider across the narrow part of the room, Oak is nice.

The sides are 1x6 as well, pulled out an inch or so from the wall iirc, then the crown eats up some of the reveal. A series of these sunken panels was used as decoration for a ceiling or a vault, also called caissons, or lacunaria, also sometimes called a lacunar. If you are interested in a kit, please check out this article about companies that make coffered ceiling kits. For residential homes in Richmond, Virginia coffered ceilings are generally best installed on ceilings that are at least nine feet tall.Our coffered ceilings are custom made from wood and mdf.
Its what happens when ppl dont know what they really want or need and architects get involved. We use a system of brackets attached to the ceiling which in turn support the beams and coffers that are made of crown and base trim molding.
When this all started she was talking about post and beams and all kinds of restored barn stuff. The more complicated problems ofdiminishing the scale of the individual coffers were presented by the requirements of curved surfaces of vaults and domes.A prominent example of Roman coffering, employed to lighten the weight of the dome, can be found in the ceiling of the rotunda dome in the Pantheon, Rome.

I thought about doing a coffered but with the 8' ceilings im afraid it will get to low feeling.
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For that extra touch of luxury, stain grade oak panels may be inserted into the center of the coffer.If you have searched for dropped ceiling, tray ceiling, boxed beam ceilings and you're really looking for a coffered ceiling give us a call!
Say if i come down 5 inches 3.5 for the inside of the bottom beam and do a bed moulding around the ceiling inside the boxes look right? Im afraid that im at a fine line between the effect being too small in such a large room and creating a cave effect.

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