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Check to be sure that the bushing and its hardware are in good condition and that the fan bushing is tight on the motor shaft.
Adjustable-pitch propeller fans have bolted connections between the blades and the hub and some means of readjusting the blade pitch angle. Check the overall condition of the fan cylinder material, especially all welds in steel shrouds. Look for erosion or corrosion on the blades, especially near welds and between the end plates and blades.

Check the tightness and condition of the hub as well as the bushings between the hub and shaft.
We supply fans and fan-related parts from Hudson, Howden, Cofimco and DRB supplies replacement or upgrade fan parts for cooling towers made by SPX, Marley, Fluor, PSI, Hamon, Midwest, GEA, SPIG, and many others.
You can adjust tip clearance by adjusting the support or cylinder according to manufacturera€™s instructions. Fixed-pitch propeller fans have welded or riveted connections between the blades and the hub.

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