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The price is valid in most places of India including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur and Pune. Lifehacks Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people looking to bypass life's everyday problems with simple tricks. It's really hot in Bangalore right now at 38 degree Celsius and nights are unbearable due to hot air circulating inside the room itself (due to the ceiling fan). I am considering buying a tower fan and keeping the fan facing towards my bed (with its back facing towards the window).
The diagram is not really accurate in the sense, my door opens inwards and so when it is fully open it covers half the window.
I cannot leave the window open at night because of incidents of a stray cat getting in to the house. You state that you can't have the window open due to a stray cat possibly entering the room.
A simple solution that does really help in a room like this is to have the window open, but also have the door open. This will allow the hot air to have somewhere to go rather than just circulate around the room.
I know most people don't like having their door open while sleeping, but even if it is just open a small amount, it will help with air circulation - not only with temperature regulation, but it'll also stop your room becoming a stink pit. If your door automatically closes you can just put something in the way so that it remains open at least a small amount.
Door open method: I have already stated in question that opening the door blocks out both outgoing air and light towards window. Camp bed method: I already have a bed and cant afford to buy a camp bed which is really expensive if available in India. So anyone having a similar room layout as me and limited options, a tower fan has worked for me and you might want to consider it too! Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged home temperature air bedroom fan or ask your own question.
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Bionaire BT150R Tower Fan is a 3 Speed tower fan comes in sleek design and it will quietly sit in your room and keep you cool during the warm summer days and nights. Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. Just like, while watching television you need not have to get-off from the couch or from your desk, this tower fan too provides you the same comfort. The brilliance of this tower fan is its ability to cool a relatively large space, while retaining a small and unobtrusive profile.
Finally, we can say that if you need cool breeze at your desired place with full control in your hands and great comfort, Bionaire BT150R is the best solution for this. Bionaire bt150r tower fan is a 3 speed tower fan comes in sleek design and it will quietly sit in your room and keep you cool during the warm summer days and nights.
This bionaire bt150r tower fan has lots of features like chrome plated remote control, lcd display, 8hr timer, breeze mode, 90 degree oscillation, excellent fit and a fantastic high-end finish.
The Morgan Tower Fan MFT-AC46ED fits discreetly in any corner of a room to provide a cooler environment without taking up a lot of space. As a hack i have to put something behind the door (at the floor level) such that the door only opens half way. This still is your best option to access colder air, so I would suggest to open the window and add something like wire mesh over the window so that the cat can't enter.
If you don't have the window open (because it is too hot outside and is cooler to keep them shut) then you can continue to use your ceiling fan as you are, but again with the door open.
I forgot to mention I keep both door and window open but window is open less often (say not at night) because a stray cat tries to come inside the house! By the time I actually fill up a small bucket I would have consumed a lot of power and time, thus this method is impractical for me.
I put it near my door with the fan facing me and the back of the fan faces towards the window. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.
This is the thing you can found in almost every household, whether they are using ACs or cooler to get relief during the high temperatures in summers.

It comes with a chrome-plated remote control, which provides you the access to control the oscillation, breeze mode etc. Along with this, Bionaire BT-150R maintains a small footprint, making it a perfect fit for homes, schools, offices and other locations where space may be at a premium. The oscillation function ensures cool air is comfortably distributed throughout the room instead of blasting in a single direction. I cannot remove the door because our landlord is adamant about it (reasons about upsetting vaastu - an indian variant of feng shui). Fit that across the window opening like a screen door, so you can leave the window open at night. This Bionaire BT150R Tower Fan has lots of features like Chrome Plated Remote Control, lcd display, 8Hr Timer, Breeze Mode, 90 Degree Oscillation, Excellent Fit and a fantastic high-end finish. This Bionaire BT150R Tower Fan has lots of features like Chrome Plated Remote Control, LCD display, 8Hr Timer, Breeze Mode, 90 Degree Oscillation, Excellent Fit and a fantastic high-end finish.
The room overlooks the front of the house in a apartment style building, so outside the window there is the hallway which is open and gets plenty of air.
Therefore, it gives you hands-free control with cool and stylish combination of chrome finishing.
Moreover, tower fans are simple to use, and this fan too needs just to be plugged in to feel the burst of air; as compared to other devices where a lot of preparation needs to be done to feel the cool air. Therefore, Bionaire has brought BT150R tower fan, which is a relatively small unit, but do a great job in cooling a selected area. On the other hand, Bionaire BT-150R Tower Fan doesn't capture large space into your room with its sleek and compact design.

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