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Air Multiplier™ technology - Dyson fans use Air Multiplier™ technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow. Sound 75% quieter - Streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM06 75% quieter than AM01. 30% less power consumed - Engineered to create powerful airflow using less energy than AM01.
Sleep timer - Fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. Oscillation control - Airflow can be directed around a room - one touch for smoother oscillation. FSound 60% quieter - Streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM07 60% quieter than AM02.
10% less power consumed - Engineered to create powerful airflow using less energy than AM02. Sleep timer - Set the fan heater to turn off while you sleep thanks to the built-in sleep timer with automatic cut-out.
Air Multiplier™ technology - Dyson fan heaters use Air Multiplier™ technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow.
No burning smell - The heating elements never exceed 200 °C, which is below the burning point of dust. Jet Focus Control - Delivers powerful long-range airflow for even heat distribution at home. Focused mode - Directs a powerful jet of air designed for long-range personal heating – say goodbye to sitting in front of the heater. Diffused mode - Wide and long-range heat projection mixes with surrounding air, heating the room quickly and evenly.
Cooling mode - Draws in 28 litres of air per second for effective room cooling however hot it gets outside. The Delonghi DCH7032 Ceramic Fan Heater comes packed with modern technology to promote a safe and efficient way of heating your home.
Ideal for home use, camping, caravanning, conservatories, garages, sheds, workshops, porches. The DCH7032 Ceramic Heater from De'Longhi is modern and elegant in design and compact also.
HabiStat Black Magic Ceramic Heater 60 wattThis product supercedes Pearlco ceramic heaters which are no longer manufactured.
HabiStat Black Magic Ceramic Heater 100 wattThis product supercedes Pearlco ceramic heaters which are no longer manufactured. HabiStat Black Magic Ceramic Heater 150 wattThis product supercedes Pearlco ceramic heaters which are no longer manufactured. HabiStat Black Magic Ceramic Heater 250 wattThis product supercedes Pearlco ceramic heaters which are no longer manufactured.
Delonghi DCH7093ER Oscillating Ceramic Heater The DCH7093ER Ceramic Heater from Delonghi is modern and elegant in design and compact too. Delonghi DCH6031 CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK DeLonghi introduces new design, shapes and lines that became more thin and elegant for having an exclusive product. The Bionaire BCH920 Ceramic Fan Heater is powerful and portable, Bionaire ceramic heaters are energy-efficient and safe while providing instant intense warmth.
Energy efficient heater with ceramic element using Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) technology. Powder coated metal construction with two ceramic heating elements providing instant heat when required. The innovative Dyson Hot Fan Heater can quickly and evenly raise and lower the temperature of your room with its smooth airflow design. The Quest Flame Effect Ceramic Heater gives an excellent coal fire flame effect when switched on, which can be used on any of the three settings.
Either way, you should find the best deal on your new Heating & Cooling items on this page.
Feel the heat This portable heater has the ideal size and design that allows it to be transported from room to room, or just about anywhere you prefer, to take the chill out of the air! Warm up the room The Logik L15CFS10 Ceramic Fan Heater boasts 1500W of power, 2 speed settings and an integrated thermostat for greater flexibility. With an adjustable tilt to maximise cooling, the Logic L10FANX11 10" Metal Desk Fan is safe to use anywhere in your home or office. Cool and humidify Take a breath of fresh air thanks to the EH0482 , helping to keep the air in your home cool and fresh. Large extractions With a large water tank capacity of 3.8 litres, this Home Dehumidifier is capable of extracting up to 20 litres of moisture per day - more than adequate to maintain your home against extraneous moisture, dampness and unsightly mould!
From summer to winter Perfect for use all year round, the dual-function Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater delivers a high velocity flow of cool air during summer, and powerful room heating during winter. From summer to winter Perfect for use all year round, the dual-function Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool fan heater delivers a high velocity flow of cool air during summer, and powerful room heating during winter. A towering fan The Bionaire fan delivers 50 watts of power with three different speed settings, it also oscillates for superior air distribution. Home heating This 2kW heater has two heat settings to choose from, with a digital thermostat to help to control the temperature and overheat protection to provide you with peace of mind. Cool, calm and collected A combination of turbo charging and jet engine technology have been incorporated into the Dyson AM02 - oscillate through 90 degrees at the touch of a button and fine-tune the airflow to meet your exact preference. The height adjustable 16" pedestal fan features a titling head that allows you to aim the cool air in any direction.
No more cold feet Ideal for standard double beds, this Double Electric Blanket has 3 heat settings to provide you with the heat level of your choice. Large capacity You'll be able to extract up to 10 litres of moisture per day using this powerful and compact Portable Dehumidifier .
Neat and compact The space-saving purifier uses a five-stage filtration system to efficiently clean and filter the room's air. Settings and features With 2 heat settings, you get a nice amount of heating flexibility out of this great Upright Heater , whether you need a quick burst of heat to take the chill off, or a little hotter and toasty for really cold nights.
Heat as you like The Essentials Single Electric Blanket features 3 heat settings so you can warm your bed exactly as you like - from mild heat for cool evenings to top heat for when it's really cold or if you want the bed warmed in a hurry. Compact design Fitting onto even the smallest desk or workstation, the silver and white BMT014D 's space saving micro tower construction gives you powerful directed airflow without sacrificing space.
Turbo cool The Honeywell fan has been built to achieve a quieter noise output, giving you the turbo performance without the disturbance.
Fresh coffee With a 90 g capacity, the KG49 Coffee Grinder can make about 12 cups of delicious coffee per use.
Looking good on lustre Coated with a nanoporous layer, images printed on to Galerie Premium Lustre Paper will be dry to the touch straight from the printer.
This 50-sheet pack of gloss II photo paper will enable you to produce high quality photo prints at home. Versatile paper This premium matte photo paper is ideal for producing high-quality photographs, graphics and text with a tasteful matte finish.
Prints produced with Kodak's Photo Paper dry instantly, and are ready to frame and share within just a few moments of printing.

This 25-sheet pack of HP 250 gsm 10 x 15 cm Advanced Glossy Photo Paper will produce rich, vivid results and the thick, sturdy paper will enable you to handle prints without fear of damage.
This 230 gsm paper will enable you to print and share your favourite pictures in A4 format with all the quality you would expect from Kodak, in an economical 50 sheet pack. This pack is suitable for all inkjet printers The A4 Glossy Photo Paper is a perfect for presenting photos as gifts or mounting as focal picture displays.
Be creative and use text and graphics to make greetings cards, flyers or to advertise your business. With 15 sheets per pack, you'll have plenty of Glossy Photo Paper to print out all your photos in professional quality. Compatible with a huge range of inkjet printers including Epson All-in-Ones, Photo Inkjet printers, and Epson Inkjet Printers, this pack of Epson 6x4 Glossy Photo Paper contains 50 sheets.
This 60-sheet pack of 6x4" Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper is compatible with HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Dell and Kodak inkjet printers, and is instant dry, non-smudge, non-smear paper. Quality in black & white With a unique nanoporous coating, this Prestige Gold Mono Silk Paper is manufactured from an acid-free and lignin-free fibre base and is capable of delivering exceptional Dmax and Dmin levels - ensuring that your prints benefit from rich, deep blacks and bright, vibrant whites. This pack of Canon A4 Glossy Photo Paper contains 20 sheets and will deliver beautiful, instantly dry prints that can be handled as soon as they leave the printer! This freestanding, oscillating Logik L20CTH11 PTC Ceramic Fan Heater has two heat settings as well as a cool blow fan mode for your convenience. So for a simple and affordable desk fan that will do the trick, the Logic L10FANX11 10" Metal Desk Fan is the one for you!
It has three speed settings that are easy to control using the manual control panel, whilst a timer function lets you control the unit without hassle. This is particularly useful in poorly ventilated rooms, and since it is portable you can move it around rooms that are heavily used over the winter when the windows are closed. With an adjustable titling head and two speed settings you can set the fan to operate exactly as you need it.
With bladeless, Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson fan heater draws in surrounding air before accelerating it in accordance with the chosen setting - adjust the temperature to the exact degree and choose from 10 speed options. The small foot-print means you get an effective cooling performance without taking up too much space.
It also features a 12 hour digital countdown timer that can be used to heat the room for a given time. The fan features bladeless, Dyson Air Multiplying which works by drawing in surrounding air and accelerating it to supply a powerful, room-filling stream of cool air. With the ability to oscillate, the fan automatically moves from side to side, evenly distributing cool air around the whole room.
Set it low for cool evenings or crank it to the top setting on freezing nights to make sure your bed is perfectly heated when you want to sleep. Its 2 litre water tank capacity ensures that loads of excess moisture is removed from the atmosphere in your home without a problem.
A washable foam pre-filter captures larger air particles while the HEPA-type filter traps all other particles before the air is cleaned over the five filtration systems.
With a large surface area, the heat generated is kept at a maximum, so the heater is perfect for even the coldest winters. A handy remote control makes things convenient, so you can adjust the temperature or turn the unit off from the comfort of your armchair - it's the perfect companion to the ideal lazy winter night in!
Safe and comfortable Made from a non-woven polyester material, this Electric Blanket is ideal for use in single beds and gives you extra comfort too.
The KG49 has a grind selector for coarse, medium or fine ground coffee, according to how you like your coffee. The high quality lustre surface has a finish between matt and gloss and is perfect for producing and displaying all images at a high standard. For vibrant, high quality prints which you'll be proud to hand around, choose Kodak Photo Paper !
This 50 sheet, economical pack of A4 Matte Photo Paper is designed for use with any Canon Pixma printer, all-in-ones or quality ink-jet printers. The 255gsm A4 Premium Glossy Photo Paper - 15 Sheets is suitable for all A4 inkjet photo printers. Preserve your memories in style and bring your digital photos to life with this great quality Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper ! Ilford quality With over 130 years of experience, Ilford are committed to bringing the very best in digital imaging technology onto the market and with this range of high quality paper, you'll benefit from their years of expertise.
You can choose between cool, warm and hot air, or adjust the thermostat to the temperature you prefer. Banish the cold to outside with the compact and powerful Logic L15CFS10 Ceramic Fan Heater . The warm air in your room is cooled by passing over ice water, quickly and effectively cooling the air. Big on functionality The Logik Portable Dehumidifier has a humidity level selector to cope with different levels of moisture and so you don't need to leave the device on for longer than necessary.
The simple white fan features a mesh guard that protects fingers from the durable polypropylene blades.
The Dyson AM05 is an effective, money-saving alternative to traditional heaters and coolers which often produce high energy bills and uneven distribution of air. A handy remote control allows convinient control over the fan's settings, even from a distance.
You can also control the flame from the comfort of the sofa thanks to the included remote control.
The Dyson AM02 is an effective, money-saving alternative to conventional fans which often produce uneven airflow, have high energy bills and break down quickly due to worn out motors - the Dyson is also impressively safe thanks to its bladeless design.
With two speed settings you can enjoy a cooler breeze when you start to feel hot and bothered. Safety and comfort combined You'll experience an extra level of comfort with the Essentials Electric Double Blanket on your bed as its non-woven polyester material cushions you while you sleep. Now you'll be able to effectively rid your home and its interiors of excess moisture, dampness and unsightly mould with this fantastic Domestic Dehumidifier . Healthier air An independent ioniser improves the natural performance of the BAP9240-IUK by releasing negative ions with the outgoing air - keeping the air fresh and hygienic. Safe and easy use With its safety cut-out features and carry handles, the Essentials Mini Heater is safe for your household and is also much easier to carry around if you need to move it quickly or heat up another room. The overheat protection system gives you additional safety so you can warm your bed and sleep easy knowing that the blanket won't get too hot. The fan emits negative ions at the same time as cooling, which are intended to improve your sense of well being while you work.
The fan can be directed thanks to the tilt and pivot functionality - all for ultimate convenience.
Compatible with all quality inkjet printers, this 270 gsm paper provides a heavyweight and durable surface on which to publish your printed works.
Because it's not glossy, it can be used for a variety of different presentation scenarios.
Marvel at the contrast and seamless transition between shadow and highlights on your photos and confidently produce prints of darkroom quality at home, when you use Ilford 5 x 7 Prestige Gold Mono Silk Paper .

Automatic temperature control helps maintain even heat throughout, and prevents over-heating. Keep warm and toasty with the safe and efficient heat of the Logik L20CTH11 PTC Ceramic Fan Heater .
It is also equipped with a filtration sheet which removes large particles from the air, including hair, dead skin and airborne dust. The dehumidifier has a timer as well, so you can set the moisture extraction periods as you require. Robust and reliable With the Dyson fan heater you can avoid energy wastage and overheating thanks to the clever thermostat which automatically switches the machine off once the target temperature is met.
The Bionaire BT19-IUK also features a Sleep and Breeze mode, creating a comfortable air flow while you snooze.
Feel the glow The Bionaire Electric Fire will fit nicely into any room and can be used either freestanding or wall mounted. Control at your convenience With the remote control you can enjoy effortless adjusting of the AM02 fan so you can boost the airflow power or change the oscillation from the palm of your hand. The simple white fan has a mesh guard that protects fingers from the durable polypropylene blades.
With an overheat protection facility, you needn't worry about the blanket getting too hot. Versatile and powerful The Essentials Home Dehumidifier is suitable for most room sizes in your home and is effective for an area of up to 25 square feet.
The power indicator light clearly shows when the radiator is on, so you can keep little ones away from it as you need to - and so you don't burn your own hands! Safety first The Logik Ceramic Fan Heater has a safety cutout feature and overheating protection to keep your home and family safe from any accidents, just in case you forget to switch it off.
Programmable The built-in timer helps to keep your energy bills down - set it a running time of up to 8 hours and the fan will switch off even if you have forgotten about it. A handy wall mounting feature allows you to mount the turbo fan and save floor or desk space.
When professional quality printing matters to you, make sure you have premium paper that is perfect for the job with Ilford A4 Galerie Premium Photo Paper. The carry handle on the white Essentials C20FHW10 Fan Heater also lets you take your heat with you everywhere!
With a four litre tank capacity and wheels for superb mobility, you can breathe easy when you bring home the Beldray EH0482 Air Cooler with Humidifier . With independent flame effect and removable natural pebbles you will feel the warmth in know time.. There's no need to worry about misplacing the remote, simply return it to the magnetised area on the top of the fan to store neatly away.
The sturdy Beldray EH0679 16" Pedestal Fan is a must have for the summer months, and works well in any room.
Say goodbye to unpleasant winter bedtimes and sleep soundly with the Essentials CD-EB12 Double Electric Blanket . The 30 W motor can be set at three different speeds, including a low and quiet filtration that's ideal for bedrooms.
With its stylish looks and design, your room will look fabulous as well as being toasty warm. Compact and convenient, the Bionaire BMT014D-IUK 11" Mini Tower Fan is an economical way to keep cool. The Logik Dehumidifier is suitable for most room sizes, and operates effectively for areas of up to 40 square feet. Safety is at the heart of the Dyson AM05 , with no visible heating elements and an automatic cut out if the heater is knocked over. Thanks to its lightweight design, the Dyson AM02 can be comfortably moved from room to room so it's ready to work wherever you need it. Choose the Essentials C10-DHW12 Portable Dehumidifier for the ultimate in home moisture removal. The versatile and effective Bionaire BAP9240-IUK Compact Air Purifier can be placed horizontally or vertically, or flush with the wall. The Logik L18-CTHB12 Ceramic Fan Heater is a must-have for your home when winter is coming. The versatile, compact and stylish Honeywell HT900E1 Turbo Fan is a cool choice for any home. MP-101 A3 Photo Paper is perfect for outputting soft-finish photographs or graphics with bold colours. Keep your home dry and free of moisture-related maladies with the Logik L20-DHW12 Portable Dehumidifier .
Effortless control With the remote control you can enjoy easy adjustment of the fan heater, with a complete range of options at your fingertips - adjust the power, temperature and oscillation all at your convenience. Outstanding quality through and through The Dyson fan is built to last and its bladeless design makes it easy to clean and it won't clog up with unwanted dust particles or release them into the air.
The micro-porous coating quickly absorbs ink deep below the surface to stop any residual ink remaining, so instant-dry photo prints are possible. Thanks to its lightweight design, the Dyson AM05 can be comfortably moved from room to room, with a pivoted touch-tilt option, so you can direct airflow 10 degrees in either direction. Dyson have also included a 2 year warranty so you'll have peace of mind when you invest in a revolutionary Dyson AM02 Air Multiplier Tower Fan . Long-lasting results The ideal match for Canon Lucia and ChromaLife100+ inks, MP-101 Photo Paper combines seamlessly with Canon's FINE print head and inks to protect photos from gases and light to preserve your treasured memories for your family. The Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool fan heater is a revolutionary solution to room heating and cooling, with a host of safe and intelligent features, so you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter. The Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool fan heater is revolutionary solution to room heating and cooling, with a host of safe and intelligent features, so you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Print your documents, presentations and photographs in the best possible quality with Canon MP-101 A3 Photo Paper .
The air gets sucked in from a small fan inside the base of the appliance and the ring of the upper part accelerates the wind even more using the specially designed aerodynamic loop taking advantage of the Venturi effect.
When used as a cooling fan it has powerful airflow and high air velocity to cool you effectively.Safe to clean, the AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater by Dyson has no visible heating elements or fast-spinning blades, and the unit switches off automatically if tipped over.
It also allows precise selection of target temperature to the degree, and comes with a remote control which is curved and magnetized to store neatly on top of the machine.In 1993 James Dyson set up DYSON the company that prides itself on engineering products which work better, opening a research Centre and factory in Wiltshire, England. By 2009, Dyson began creating other air-powered technologies, the Air Multiplier bladeless fan and Dyson Hot, the bladeless fan heater. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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