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Light, routine cleaning of your walls and ceilings will keep them looking fresh and delay the need for a major cleaning. There are several high, hard to reach places in your home that are often overlooked with it comes to dusting.
How to Paint and Clean High Vaulted CeilingsWhat's the best way to deal with dusting, light-bulb changing and painting in a house with high ceilings that are all but impossible to reach? Power-fed rollers are a good alternative for painting large areas in hard-to-get-to places. Over time painted walls and ceilings become dirty from finger and hand prints and the dirt which is in the air that we breath.
Most painted surfaces can be cleaned, however there may be some paint removal during the process.
The high and semi-gloss paints will survive washing much better than the flat and satin finished paints. Because damage can occur when washing walls and ceilings, it is important to test an area with the cleaning method you are planning to use in a non conspicuous place such as behind a sofa, chair or bookcase.
For very dirty walls use a stronger alkali cleaner such as TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) or an ammonia based detergent. No matter what cleaning solution you eventually use, always rinse the walls and ceiling with clean water. Always read the safety statements and know what to do if you should accidentally ingest or get the cleaning chemical in your eyes! When cleaning walls and ceilings the cleaning solution will splatter on other items in the room and on the person doing the cleaning.
Completely clean one area at a time, approximately 2 feet square, this includes rinsing that area. When businesses are contemplating whether or not they need a commercial cleaning service, the first thing that usually comes to mind is, a€?do I really need someone else to vacuum and dust my workplace?a€? And while Jacka€™s Maintenance can certainly take care of that for you, there are also a wide variety of services we offer that often get overlooked. Though most people dona€™t think about washing their walls, ceilings, and rafters when it comes to cleaning their industrial facilities, these things can slowly accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris over time. According to the EPA, not only is poor indoor air quality one of the leading environmental threats in the US, but it is also one of the leading causes of airborne sickness as well. Thankfully, Jacka€™s Maintenance has all the necessary tools and specially formulated cleaning products to help make high-rise cleaning as quick and effective as possible.
Proudly serving the Greater Fox Valley a€“ including Appleton, Green Bay, Kaukauna,Neenah, Menasha and Oshkosh a€“ and other areas throughout Northeast Wisconsin. We all know the places: room corners, ceiling fans, cathedral ceilings, tops of doorways, etc.

However, if you don’t have a high-reaching duster at home, all you really need is a broom, a microfiber cloth, and a rubber band to make one!
It saves having to go back and forth to a paint tray from a ladder, which means less drippage and spillage. Many homeowners take to repainting, but most dirt marks can be cleaned from painted walls and ceiling surfaces. Dirt and grime that adheres to walls and ceilings generally does so in a very slow process - years, and hence we do not see the changes to the paint color and gloss occurring. If after testing the painted area the paint has not changed color and the finish has not deteriorated it can be assumed that it is safe to clean the entire wall surface in the same manner as the test area. Just because no damage occurred to the walls when performing your test does not mean that it is safe to wash the ceiling without testing the ceiling paint in a corner of the room. The mixing proportions should be 2 tablespoons to 1 gallon of warn water (do not use hot water). If the cleaning solution is allowed to run down wall area that has not been cleaned it may leave streaks that are extremely difficult to clean.
It should not be necessary to apply a lot of brut force on the sponge to remove the dirt and grime. One of these services thata€™s sometimes overlooked, but has a big impact on a facilitya€™s appearance, is high-rise cleaning.
Though it may not be as apparent, the ceilings, walls, and rafters of your workplace can get just as dirty as the floors, machines, and other surfaces. This is because biological pollutants like mold, bacteria, pollen, and dust are often trapped inside ventilation systems, where theya€™re spread throughout their respective office buildings and industrial work settings. Latex, a water-base paint, is easy to wash after it has "cured" or set for a period of time.
Can you visualize what it would look like when you turn on a ceiling fan that hadn’t been dusted in months…? Each maid services team comprises bonded, insured, licensed and uniformed housekeepers who are regularly supervised. Click here to request service in your area.
If this is not strong enough you can try household cleaners that specifically state that they are safe to use on painted surfaces. If two or more people are involved in the project, they should not start at opposite ends, but it is best if one washes and the other rinses and that they work adjacent areas. And, to make matters worse, todaya€™s textured wall and ceiling surfaces can trap this dirt even more quickly. Once that air is circulated into the workplace, dust and germ particles that havena€™t settled will be looking for a new home.

If you live in a home that has dust, and most of us do, here are three tips to save time dusting and increase your home cleaning efficiency: 1. The only way to prevent this from happening is to get a second person with another pole to try and hold the chandelier in position while you spin the bulb loose.
It is not uncommon that one individual will apply more pressure to the painted surface than another and there will be a difference in the paint color and finish between the work done by the two individuals. Over time, these particles will collect on your walls, carpets, and ceiling tiles, making for an unattractive and unsanitary work environment.
Both types come in four finishes: flat (for walls and ceilings), satin (for doors and trim), semigloss (for walls), and gloss (for kitchen and bathroom walls and woodwork). Failing that, you'll need either a tall stepladder or a hybrid stepladder that's designed to articulate over a staircase and into corners that are hard to reach by conventional means.
Our specially formulated cleaning products are designed to clean specific facilities and airborne debris, and can cut through even the dirtiest grime. Little Giant makes a number of ladders that can be configured in this way.That leaves painting.
Chances are therea€™s a nice layer of grime and gunk caked on all the vents, beams, and pipes. And while this certainly detracts from your buildingsa€™ appearance, it has other consequences as well. Our high-rise cleaning experts have years of experience and are subject to frequent training and certifications for cleaning of this sort. Dust off the high areas before beginning, because you're liable to knock dust loose as you work. The best way to paint tall ceilings and walls without setting up scaffolding is to get some help and set up an extension ladder.
Use the ladder to get up to the ceiling-wall corner and cut in the line where the two meet using a brush and a rapid little tool appropriately called a mini roller.
Next, paint the ceiling with a long extension pole and a roller (I admit, the job can give you a workout).
Finally, paint the walls using the extension ladder to reach the ceiling-wall corner and the extension pole for the high parts of the wall.What do you think?
If your walls have a rough texture, use old nylon stockings or socks rather than a sponge because they won't tear and leave difficult-to-remove bits on the surface.

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