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Bring a new sense of style and comfort to the bathroom by installing the Cyclone Wet Room Inline Illuminated Extractor Fan from HIB.
Supplied with energy saving MR 16 3 watt LED bulb, external fixed grill & steel hose clamps Timer - Allows a room to be ventilated after the switch has been turned off High-powered electric motor for efficient air extraction Manufacturing code of this product is 32700 IPX4 rated - electrically safe for use in the bathroom. This fashionably exquisite Hush Wall Mounted Matt Silver Fan with Timer from HIB is a fantastic bathroom utility designed for maximum comfort while using the bathroom. We're engineers passionate about home ventilation and serious about customer service – so you can count on us for carefully-selected equipment and expert advice to ensure your project is a success from specification to installation. Your call is answered by qualified people who will gladly discuss your project in detail, advise you professionally and never sell you inappropriate products. When I measured the sound in my room with the ceiling fan running, the sound level stayed around 30 decibels. If the sound level is not being displayed correctly, then you can calibrate and adjust it using the calibration option.
In the settings, you can enable the upside down mode which rotates the screen 180 degrees so that you can use your smart phone with microphone on the upper side.

Conclusion: Sound Meter can turn your smart phone into a handy sound loudness meter and you can measure the sound level around you in terms of decibels.
The ceiling mounted fan with timer features slim flush mounted chrome shower-light fascia, for added grandeur.
With an impressively low sound level of only 25 decibels, this fan is conveniently fitted with a timer which enables a room to be ventilated after the switch has been turned off. I want to pull heat from basement room that has pellet stove up stairs to another room .Anything for pulling heat from 1 floor to another not using existing ducting ,like a through floor unit ? This room to room ventilator is installed in a wall cavity and pulls air from one room to transfer to another.
To calibrate, you have to use a sound source of known decibel loudness and then check if Sound Meter is giving the same level or not and if not then adjust it accordingly. It can show you the changing sound level in a graphical mode or in the comparison text mode.

It comes complete with energy saving 3 watt LED bulbs and high powered electric motor, for efficient air extraction. Although I enjoyed the loud music at first, but soon my ears started to hurt and I had to leave. In the text mode the the current sound loudness is compared with the range of well known sound sources like the jet engine, factory machinery, rock music, subway train, park, quiet office, library etc. Sure there are laboratory instruments that can measure the level of sound or noise in standard units, but why shell out money when you have an Android phone? I installed a small app called Sound Meter and it immediately showed the level of ambient sound in terms of decibels.

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