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Choose fans with powder coated finishes, as they will hold up better that polished metal surfaces.
Inclement weather and high winds associated with salt air environments can break off fan-blade connecting arms. If a white or off white fan is required, ask about special UV coatings that are available to help prevent yellowing.
When I called to place my order, I asked if they could give me a better deal and they were able to save me even more money off my order.
Had a fantastic experience buying a beautiful crystal chandelier for my home from We Got Lites.

I saw the fixture on their website and when I called the staff was super helpful and answered all my questions.
As a professional interior designer I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect product for my clients taste.
Quorum International has earned a strong reputation for being a style innovator and design leader. Before you finish that back porch or patio, consider adding a damp-rated or wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan. When I called to place my order the sales people couldn't have been nicer, they even saved me more money on my purchase.

I have recommended we got lites to my clients and I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the near future.

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