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A Direct Vent Fireplace is a gas fireplace (propane or natural gas) that has a flue at the top or back of the fireplace that vents directly out side. Variable Speed allows you to adjust the speed to achieve the minimum sound level and still keep the mantle from becoming hot.
The individual fans are rated 40 CFM in open air with no restriction and at full operating voltage of 12 volts DC. Depending on the individual fireplace, the operational flow rate will probably range from 20 to 50 CFM for the two fan system and 50 to 80 CFM for the three fan system and 80 to 120 CFM for the four fan system.
High CFM fans mean high noise levels, which is why we designed our fans to produce the most air flow at the lowest possible noise level. The fans used in the Quiet Fireplace Fan are the best technology developed to date for this application. Despite Chelsea sitting 4 points clear at the top of the table, Jose Mourinho was not particularly a happy man. Fresh air is brought in through a pipe surrounding the exhaust flue so that no air is required from inside the home to sustain the fire. It can be adjusted to run slightly faster and and significantly slower than the fixed speed.

The 2803 version has three fans and the 3804 version has four fans which allows the sound from the individual fans to mix. We want to offer the owner the option to tune the fan speed to provide the best airflow and the most heat for their fireplace, at the lowest possible sound level. With the optional battery cables QFF-6-AP or QFF-6-BC the fans can be powered from an emergency starting pack or from any 12 Volt battery with accessible terminals. When mounted in their metal support frame the three fan system (QFF-2803-V) has a rating of 85 CFM, and the four fan system (QFF-3804-V) a rating of 120 CFM. The variable speed fans have a voltage adjustment feature to allow tuning the fan for minimum noise and sufficient flow to ensure the warm air exiting the top of the fireplace gently launches out into the room. It’s difficult to get that strong start where the players, team and fans at Stamford Bridge [are all together].
To discuss this disclaimer or the removal of appropriate credit for materials of which you hold copyright please contact us. If there is no receptacle under the firebox, we can supply a Thermostat Cable or Switch Cable to allow operation with the Adapter plugged into a receptacle near the fireplace. If you run the fan 5 hours a day, every day of the year, it will cost you a little under two dollars per year.

Our measurement with a sound meter right at the grills on the Direct Vent Fireplace recorded less the 65 dBA which the typical level in a quiet room.
This prevents the normally convective flow from sliding up the front of the fireplace and overheating the mantle and any objects above it (like an expensive flat panel TV). If you run the fan system for 5 hours a day, 365 days a year, they should last for 27 years!
With low ambient levels of sound in the room such as music, conversation, or TV the fan sound is scarcely noticeable.
Do not try to control the speed of the fan by plugging the adapter into a dimmer switch or rheostat controlled outlet. Below and above the firebox are vents that allow cool air to enter at the bottom and exit as hot air at the top. The Quiet Fireplace Fan gently increases the flow of air around the firebox and pushes warm air out into the room and prevents over heating the mantle.

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