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Reading through notes, this seems a common problem, as my Moretti misting white pedestal fan just shattered to pieces this morning that gave me an absolute.
Yesterday, I turned it on and it made a noise and then the front cage flew off and the entire plastic blade shattered into large and small bits and went everywhere.
Checked the nut holding on the remainder of the blades and noticed that shaft was incredibly hot, however plastic housing was cool to the touch. This item after only 2 weeks of using 3 times has left a burning plastic smell in the room. I bought this fan from bunning at campbelltown pc 2560 , it is 40cm with hose for humidity, suddnly it stop working although we use it very rarly. Moreti Misiting fan's blades shattered sending the wire guard and plastic pieces all over the room. As I said - my unit sound level is soft and I was basically unaware of it because it is the norm for this type of appliance control. My fan makes a long beep sound and the only way to stop the noice is disconnecting it from the socket. Is it suppose to look like smoke is coming out of it and through the black hose part that connects to unit moretti misting fan brought it today and not to sure about it so can someone please help?
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The blades just shattered into bits & pieces thankfully without splattering outside the grill. They were very good and even without a receipt they said we will give you a one off store credit of $90. I have had no issue with its performance at all, I love the misting action, the remote is a very handy gadget and the variable speeds are just right. My unit has a soft beep pattern that sounds like the remote data pattern that is sent to change settings. Reviewing the customer testimonials of 12" Oscillating Pedestal Fan Price prior to purchased. Switched the fan on and the fan blade shattered smashing through the safety cage and breaking it off the fan. Blades did interfere with the grill during initial assembly but when reassembled more carefully had plenty of clearance. Again this is not that loud and is there to let us, the user know, that our command to the unit has been received and acted on. A software update to the microprocessor could disable the beep function but this is not a realistic option.

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Online searching is beyond doubt one in every of the most effective ways in which of searching nowadays. The unit could be opened and the buzzer removed from the circuit board but this requires special skills and license. Either or not searching for 12" Oscillating Pedestal Fan Price or the other stock youa€™ll be able to simple comprehend it on-line.
Recommend to take back to Bunning’s and ask for your money back regardless if it is in good working order and out of warranty.
Though there square quantum various sites wherever youa€™ll be able to buy your favorite product any way searching from here can forestall sensible add.
Its there to give the user confidence that our control actions have been received and put into action.
Note that the operator's manual requires the water parts of the fan to be cleaned regularly when used.

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