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Hopefully by now you’ve bought all your Christmas presents for friends and family, and you can kick back and enjoy the merry festive season.
I’ve decided to make things a whole lot easier for you… whether shopping for Christmas or birthday presents or just a treat for yourself, there are some awesome online shops that have popped up in South Africa over the years that make shopping as easy as sitting at your desk looking at your computer. Founded earlier this year, Hello Pretty is a gorgeous little online shop selling a variety of high-quality designs made in SA. Springleap is a very cool online store and the first in South Africa to use crowdsourcing to find designs for t-shirts that they make and sell on the site.
This award-winning site brings the finest, quirkiest, most stylish kitchen tools right to your doorstep. Sadly, grocery delivery is not an option in Guatemala, but when I lived in the UK, and didn’t have a car, at first I thought I should go to the store on my little scooter and bring back my groceries. One option I really loved about online grocery shopping was the ability to save your cart for the next time. And as I said before, you can order during your lunch break instead of playing Candy Crush or engaging in office gossip. And as you are not in a rush to get it over with, you can do a quick online search to look for a coupon for free delivery or a discount on your favorite detergent. Another thing I didn’t like too much was that the guys were always in a hurry and so we wouldn’t check my order together, and in a few rare occasions, some products would not be there.
Don’t be shy if you feel like you didn’t get the product you wanted, most of the time they will make it right.
We have a few online grocery shopping places that deliver around here, and I’ve considered it a few times. I have switched to buying almost everything online, but I haven’t taken the grocery plunge. I'm very sure you enjoy the new trend of sitting in the comfort of your home, checking Facebook timeline and getting to see that fantastic ad on a shoe you have always checked on Zara’s website at a slashed price in Nigeria. With the likes of Konga, Kaymu, Jumia, Tafoo, Gloo, Kiramu, Kara, OLX and so on, Nigerians can now sit back at home and use their PC or phones to order any item to be delivered to their doorstep.
There was also a time I ordered for an HP 3-in-One Printer online, only to be told after four days of paying for it, that it's no more in stock. My best online shopping experience in Nigeria so far is when I got a genuine deal for a cheap Samsung phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 precisely) at N8,000 less its price on other Nigeria online phone shops at that very moment.
Apart from the deal, I've ordered for lots of other items which were delivered to me right here in Benue, Nigeria.
While some genuine online shopping sites are putting smiles on the face of Nigerians, you should be aware that there are some out there that are there to scam you. Very soon, I will share with you all you need to know about online security when it comes to shopping online in Nigeria. Actually you can purchase any products which are for your health and beauty and you can purchase several kinds of services by online shopping store.

And, no doubt, you have some birthdays coming up next year that you’re going to have to shop for too! Clothes, shoes, jewellery, household goods and more are all available from this lovely online store. This is an easy way to order most of the things you can find on Amazon and other overseas sites, without the hassle of dealing with different sellers. Creatives submit their designs to the site, and these are then given ratings by the public (‘crowds’); the designs with the highest rating get made into t-shirts that the public can buy. From rabbit-shaped pepper mills to herb savers, biltong makers and spaghetti measurers, you will be able to find something special for any kitchen and cooking need. And those days, supermarket websites make it so easy for you to find your products and shop in just a few clicks.
You can spend your lunch hour filling your cart, groceries will be the same price as in the store, and usually you will have to pay a ?3 to ?5 fee to have them delivered to your doorstep. Often, it would be dark and depressing out there, maybe even raining, which on a scooter is hell, and I would have to go more often because I couldn’t carry all I needed in one trip. Even if you aren’t that computer savvy, after a few orders, you will know where to find your products and how much your need. Because we are all creatures of habits, and we generally order the same base of items, adding a few extras here and there. By the time you get home and pour yourself a glass of wine, the doorbell is ringing and your shopping is there! You don’t get offered products you don’t need at the end of the aisle, and don’t end up buying that magazine at the cashier. The gas money and car depreciation to go to the store, maybe if you didn’t have to shop you could even do without a car if your job is close to home! How far do you park your car from said doorstep and have to carry six packs of sparkling water, breaking your back in the process, and having to make two trips under the rain to come back for more?
But even then, the convenience of having someone else carry the groceries up to the flat was bliss. At first, I was a bit disappointed with the vegetables, they would either give me very green produce, or items with a very short life, and I would not have time to eat them all before they get bad. Some would be billed to me and not be in the cart, and some would be out of stock and not get delivered, meaning if I wanted to make my recipe, I would need a trip to the store anyway.
And every time they answered back, refunding the missing or low quality product and offering their apologies.
I’ve found that the money you pay for delivery charges is more than recouped by the amount you save on not being tempted by impulse buys. But we do have a store where you can order everything online, drive to the store and then use the call box and they will bring your groceries to you. For the few that could and knew, made use of the likes of eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg and so on.

You navigate to the page, checkout with your card; like magic, it is delivered to your address.
Items ranging from smartphones, grocery items, electronics, clothes can be purchased online and get delivered anywhere in Nigeria. Did you traipse around the shops until you saw something you liked or until you got so tired you just grabbed something off a shelf and told yourself that if Auntie Lauren doesn’t like it, she can always change it for something else?
They have a huge range and number of products (14 million to be exact) making it almost certain that you will find something that you or a loved one will like very much!
The majority of items listed are currently in South Africa, and buyers are able to question sellers about products, delivery times or anything else they might need to know. The site boasts over 250 designs dreamed up by designers from all over the world, and these designs are also available in print as well as on posters and canvasses. If impulse buys are a big part of your grocery budget, shopping online will take care of that for you. The extra ?3 to have the groceries delivered is a small price to pay compared to your car and gas money. Some posts on this site may be written by guest authors and may include links to external content.
You are at work, thinking that after those excruciating 9 hours in your cubicle, you still have to go to the supermarket, face the after-office-hour crowd, fight for the last salad, queue at the cashier for 15 minutes, and carry your groceries home. No stress, no traffic, no “let’s check again the laundry aisle and look for that detergent I didn’t find the last time”. Weekday mornings 8am-9am, when I’m at home anyway and Little Skint can help to put it away before she goes to school – a favourite job of hers!
If your comment is unrelated to this post, please drop it at my Facebook group here.THANKS. For that you just have to go to the website of any online shopping store and buy any product which you desire. These Online shopping stores provides you a simple way to be healthy and beautiful and for that you do not need to go to any market. So these online shopping stores are very useful for purchasers in the shopping of different services and products of health and beauty.
And this is the reason for why these online shopping stores are become very famous in population.

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