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Pokemon Online is the most popular, accurate, and complete Pokemon battle simulator out there. We have been having issues with server connections lately, and you may have been disconnected immediately after trying to join the server.
If you think you have banned, due to not being able to connect after the second attempt, then please post an appeal in the Disciplinary Committee subforum. If none of this helped to resolve your issues, please follow the troubleshooting image here. For those of you that recognize this plagiarized introduction, you may very well have been a part of last year's league. The league starts on Tuesday, October 29 so the likely draft date will be Sunday October 27. I LOVE THE SPURS AND TIM DUNCAN AND TONY PARKER AND WE WERE ROBBED DURING THE FINALS I LITERALLY CRIED #FUCKTHESHOT. Jimmy Butler (had him here last year when he was just an end of bench guy), explained why last year.
Gorgui Dieng seems like he'll fit well with the t-wolves and give them a solid player next to pek or love.
I know the most about basketball here ;) I started seriously following it in like 2011 though, just read up a bunch on it to understand it quickly. I've gotta go with the Spurs, caught then in the playoffs a few years back or so, and enjoyed the playing I saw and have lightly followed them since, but only being able to catch the occasional games seeing as B-ball season was my busy time.
Sticking with Spurs and going Tim Duncan, guy is just a baller and I just like the guy, also no homo. I think like most everyone it's the D-Rose story and seeing how he gets back to playing this season. I rarely get to watch games, but I will get the highlights and check out box scores pretty much daily. During his lone trip to Beantown this season, the soon-to-be free agent superstar gave it his full endorsement. In his new mixtape, the 6-1 Canadian dunker does all of AG's dunks and tops it off with a "reverse two-hand windmill krown" dunk. Anthony Davis just turned 21, and is already on his way to becoming the best player in the NBA.
There is no point in comparing him to anybody but the best to gain a perspective into how great Davis can truly become. From a hypothetical fantasy perspective—with mainstream fantasy basketball just a burgeoning idea around the end of the Dream’s storied career—a 21-year-old Davis could essentially be drafted above a 25-year-old Olajuwon. More recently, Shaquille O’Neal is regarded as one of the most dominant centers during the early fantasy basketball era.

It’s hard to picture Davis being the offensive load that Shaq was, but from a fantasy perspective, Davis will end up a better player. One concern about Davis is longevity, after Davis played 64 and 67 games during his rookie and second seasons, respectively. A couple of all-time great fantasy era players are still playing in the NBA, with their careers coming to a close.
He is a monster in every way, and at this point, there still remains a lot for Davis to learn about the game.
The thing is, Davis will continue to get better, and will ultimately be judged by how many NBA championship trophies he wins, not how many times he gets selected number one in fantasy drafts. Open source, it's currently available in 11 languages, on your computer or your Android device. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The league itself will have a chat board but we're most likely going to be communicating through the forums and Skype (for real time chats). But any real sports fan will know that these alone are enough to gauge the level of interest we can expect throughout the season. So if you're the kind that will get discouraged because of a bad start and quit, then just move along. Just post saying you want to join and a quick decision will be made on whether you're in or not (based on productivity last year as mentioned before). I like fantasy because it puts in the position of a GM which imo is best part of organized sports - running the team from the inside.
He is with certainty already the best player in 2014 fantasy basketball no matter what format.
He will be going number one in fantasy drafts for a decade to come, and projects to be the type of player that is untradable, no matter the haul. Hakeem Olajuwon, widely considered to be one of the best shot-blockers of all time, didn’t even finish his rookie season until he was already 22 years of age.
There is no reason that we can’t expect Anthony Davis to become this great, or even better, from a statistical perspective. He was tough to stop on offense even in his later years with teams like the Heat and the Suns (it’s still difficult to even picture him in those jerseys), but while he was with the Magic and Lakers he was truly unstoppable.
He’s already knocking down almost 80 percent of his free-throw attempts, and maybe he does end up averaging over 30 points per game a few times. Longevity was never a problem for Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett, who consistently played around 80 games a season during the peak of their careers. While it can be hard to compare eras when making comparisons between players, and while this often leads to a lot of ruffled feathers, it is not difficult to gauge just how great Davis can become from a fantasy perspective.

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Summer Camps have long since ended and the preseason is on the way, so now all that's left is to start recruiting dedicated players to fill the league.
Assuming you didn't fall off the face of the earth sometime during the season leaving your team without a manager. It was a category league on ESPN, snake draft (I missed the whole draft my whole team by the end of the season was pickups, Chandler Parsons, all my centers etc) It was a 12 team league btw.
I'm a pretty smart dude who can get passionate about the players on my team (just ask the people in my fantasy league how i feel about certain underperforming players or some breakout stars). There is no indication that his numbers are going to level out, and he is at a level all by himself. Shaq averaged over 29 points per game three times, and finished with a career 58.2 field-goal percentage. For all his greatness, Shaq did miss a lot of time over the course of his career, and averaged under 70 games with the Magic and Lakers. Download the latest version and enjoy competitive battles across all six generations in real time against trainers from around the world! If I can see that you're - what was that word - dedicated, then that may be enough to secure a spot. Besides the impressive statistical output, he is simply one of the most entertaining players to watch.
During this four-year span, he averaged just under 23 points and 12 rebounds per game and slightly over 3 blocks per contest.
It’s too early to start making judgments of this magnitude, but the possibilities are obvious.
Based on where Davis is already at his age, it wouldn’t be surprising to see numbers like this on an annual basis as he continues to develop. Davis definitely needs to prove it long term to be regarded as the best fantasy player of his generation, but it’s hard not to see it happening.
Players who never win Championships in real life lead their fans to championships in the realm of fantasies.

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