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Problem is the remote doesn't operate the light and the light won't work if I pull the pull chain either.
Works fine - BUT - it is situated on the wrong side of the bed and the cord is far too short to work the device comfortably. When you turn on the power at the mains the bed vibrate instantly where it should not until you press the top left button on the controller. The bed was bought by my auntie 7 years ago and looks like it was made in 06 by the sticker inside the controller, so the button looks worn and it is sticky and lazy not crisp like the others. Even after trying a new battery the remote control no longer lights up the little LED (or very intermitently) and therefore doesn't open the garage door.
My brain's swimming in some kind of thick, murky sludge, and when it's like that, I know I don't have it in me to tackle something particularly hard-hitting, like, say, old soda cans. Most of the toys below are from lines that never quite got off the ground, owing to either an oversaturated market or the simple fact that nobody wanted to play with them.
The Reactors series came to us in 1985 from a company named Nasta, and probably failed because it's impossible to imagine a company named Nasta producing battery-operated toys but no carbonated ice tea brands. With the charged rod in place, your Reactors vehicle speeds off in one direction and one direction only, and that direction is the nearest wall.
They're best described as the kind of thing you got for Christmas from some distant aunt who didn't really know you.

This particular toy is called a "Tech Dynasty Ground Terror," which is a pretty dumb name, so I decided to follow suit by building the dumbest of its five forms -- the "Research Mode." The set includes two little rubbery action figures, and despite how generic they look, Tonka actually went through the trouble of giving each of them a name, allegiance and back story. In fact, there were figures included with every Legions of Powers set, all with names and personas and abbreviated ranks.
To go along with the characters, an impressive origin story was provided for the entire line. All of our toys battled each other for supremacy and that was nothing special, but certain toys had just the right mix of compactness, cuteness and psychic powers to transcend past the figure-drenched floor and become bona fide pets -- not for other actions figures, but for us! The Meteorb featured in this article is named "Cometroid," and a quick glance at Cometroid's packaging confirms that he's the least desirable of all Meteorbs.
I hated reading up on the Meteorbs' origin story, because such material painted them as highly intelligent creatures, completely disarming my theory that they could in fact muster nothing more than adorable grunts and licking-my-face action whenever I came home from the battlefield. The short bio given on the back of the packaging says that the Meteorbs are able to restore their vast powers simply by going inside their little balls to rest. The Meteorbs were born cheap, but as interest in the MOTU line continued to dwindle, they only got cheaper. People who read X-E more diligently than other people who read X-E probably remember that I've written about A Bad Case of Worms before, but that was just some blog entry that'll probably be erased forever when I have my next Wordpress crash. The briefcase popped open to reveal a pair of long, skinny, adhesive worm toys in various colors.

A Bad Case of Worms wasn't an incredibly successful line, because, well, I guess you'd have to be four-years-old to pick rubber worms over an electronic machine gun or a G.I. The masterpiece of the collection was the actual computer playset, which opened up to reveal a Computer Warriors five-bedroom lodge. If Computer Warriors had any reputation at all, we can thank the toy shown in the photo above. Second, they came out just as Playmates' Ninja Turtles figures were getting white hot, and at that point, the only way to survive in the action figure aisle was by making action figures that, in reference to scale, seemed like they could play racquetball against Leonardo on an even playing field. There was a black, white, and blue wire coming from sending unit which attached to the fan wiring. If I disconnect the wire coming from the light from the blue wire and connect it with the other black wire the light lights, but if I press the speed control on the remote, the light dims (the speed control is basically a dimmer control on the remote). Replaced the batteries but now find that the remote stops responding as if run out of batteries.
Since there was no switched outlet that was easy to tap into, I figured it was easy enough to just use the remote to control everything.

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