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Boris, le tre stagioni dello show arrivano su Netflix Lo Steampunk uccidera l’Ikea? Sono solo un paio di esempi di serie televisive che raccontano storie di matrimoni e adozioni da parte di coppie omosessuali, un fatto, del resto, che in moltissimi paesi e assolutamente normale. Si parla molto oggi, da noi, come in tutto il mondo, di famiglia tradizionale, o di cio che dovrebbe essere una famiglia tradizionale. Oggi, la famiglia “tradizionale” non riscuote piu lo stesso successo di un tempo – vi e mai capitato di rivedere una puntata di Genitori in Blue Jeans? Anche i Griffin, se vogliamo, rappresentano una famiglia tradizionale, cioe etero e, tutto sommato compatta.
Tutte le famiglie che abbiamo elencato, raccontano storie comuni non poi cosi lontane dalla nostra sensibilita. Da noi, l’unico modello alternativo alla famiglia tradizionale, pare infatti essere ancora quello della famiglia allargata, stile Cesaroni, dove Claudio Amendola (vedovo e con tre figli) si sposa con la sua ex fidanzata Elena Sofia Ricci (divorziata e con due figlie).
Solo in Italia, ogni anno, ci sono circa trecento separazioni su mille matrimoni e poco meno di duecento divorzi.
Forse si potrebbe concludere che questi sono tutti effetti collaterali della globalizzazione: non tutte le storie che circolano in televisione rappresentano i nostri valori o cio in cui crediamo.
This opera is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Last week, the latest numbers for Modern Family‘s freshman run in syndication came out.
It takes time for shows to take hold in syndication, and rarely someone breaks out right out of the gate no matter how big the rollout promotion. There is still time to turn things around as syndication ratings tend to peak early in the calendar year, often in February, so we may see some improvement for Modern Family when it returns in originals in January (It finished its fall run on a higher note).
Considering the massive drop in quality that started last season, it’s probably new viewers tuning in to compensate for those that have bailed. Modern Family writing continues to get worse and worse and you almost don’t want to watch anyone on that show anymore.
This has not been a particularly strong season creatively for Modern Family and it’s surrounded by mediocre series. BBT grew because its just a good show with relatable characters, but MF is just bad(yes hat is my opinion) but viewers have chosen BBT without any write-ups, critical acclaim etc… Over MF that had all of hat and more. This is true; MF is a Hollywood community thing as opposed to BBT my uncle in Texas just loves.

MFamily will be entering its sixth season this fall, the kids are getting older, the story lines not quite as crisp (consistently crisp) as they were in the first 2-3 seasons. Non in Italia, l’unica delle sei nazioni fondatrici dell’Unione Europea a non riconoscere ancora ne le unioni civili, ne i matrimoni per gli omosessuali. Negli Stati Uniti, per molto tempo, questo ideale di famiglia perfetta si e espresso in quelle serie televisive che hanno costruito un preciso immaginario: villetta + giardino + garage + grande cucina. Facevano da contraltare, adolescenti irrequieti che avevano pero la brutta abitudine di menare le mani (Ryan Atwood), ubriacarsi o sperimentare per noia la promiscuita sessuale (Marissa Cooper). Ma quando si tratta di raccontare qualcosa che nella realta – la nostra, quella italiana – si fatica ad accettare, il problema si fa complesso e le “modern family” rischiano di assumere un sapore quasi fantascientifico.
L’idea di famiglia allargata del resto piace molto quasi a tutti, com’e naturale, perche rispecchia un dato di fatto – nella realta come nella fiction – ovvero l’aumento del numero di separazioni e divorzi. Big Bang hit series highs in the 2013 portion of last season, along with CBS drama NCIS, another series whose broadcast ratings had been boosted by its off-network run. USA has been moving Modern Family’s start time around to keep their viewer totals from falling.
It’s truly some of the laziest sitcom writing out there right now and they are almost past the point of saving. The critics community is always lukewarm on it, and it doesn’t have nearly the same following as TBBT does online. The format might matter too, since it’s harder to get younger audiences to try multicamera laugh-track shows, which makes the exposure from syndication more important. Although of course this will not happen, if the show came to an end this season, that would be the best thing for it.
As each year goes by, the composition of the audience drifts towards a growing segment of the population that has no connection with network TV. There’s a difference between a novelty show and one that is able to grow an audience AND keep it. The Hollywood Sign is a trademark and intellectual property of Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. E allora ecco la famiglia Walsh di Bervely Hills 90210, una serie indimenticabile e che si era sviluppata a partire da un’impostazione tradizionalista per vertere poi su nuovi temi, che includevano alcool, droga, sessualita e omosessualita. Nel suo essere una rappresentazione estrema di conflitti irrisolti, la serie riesce a ricondurre il caos al sentimento primordiale dell’amore, anche quando Homer sposa una prostituta a Las Vegas, o piu in generale agisce costantemente in funzione dei suoi desideri impulsivi ed egoistici alimentati dall’alcol.
But by this point, the shows usually hit their stride (Modern Family, for instance, is up 15% from its premiere week in syndication among 18-49 and up 29% in 18-34) and the impact on the show’s broadcast run is felt.

Some point to the fact that ABC doesn’t have football to use as a promotional platform in reaching a broader audience the way CBS has at its disposal for Big Bang. If industry insiders are puzzled over anything they should be puzzled about how it keeps winnig best comedy Emmy awards. An episode earlier this season mostly about them, and featuring Pepper, was so dreadful I turned it off.
There is so little good television on these days that I would rather gorge on one well written show. In Dawson’s Creek, le famiglie erano messe male: separazioni, padri assenti o irresponsabili, madri con problemi psichici. At the same time, the season to date rankings for all broadcast programs came out, and Modern Family is averaging 5.0 in 18-49 in 18-49 through the first 12 weeks of the season (in most current ratings that include DVR playback).
Through the first 12 weeks of fall 2011 when Big Bang launched in syndication, the show had shot up 21% season vs. But then, Fox and NBC too have a lot of NFL coverage and that hasn’t helped much their live-action comedies, most of which have been middling at best this fall. Even Cam and Mitchell have been ruined by a kid that they give punchlines too and make super smart. Now the buzz is starting to wear off (less Emmy wins, for instance, this past year and their most undeserved Best Comedy win yet) and people are starting to take notice that it’s the same exact show every week. I like the show well enough, it works nicely as background noise and has an extremely talented ensemble cast, but it’s hardly must-see TV. The discrepancy is pretty staggering, given that both comedies had successful launches in syndication supported by massive marketing campaigns. Coincidentally, Big Bang too took a dip in the season before its launch in syndication when it moved to a new night, Thursday, and away from the protection of a Two And A Half Men lead-in. But it’s probably not a coincidence that that same 2010-11 season, Big Bang expanded its cast with the addition of Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. The series  found another gear creatively with the new dynamic of seven main characters and has been on a ratings tear ever since, growing each season.
Meanwhile, Modern Family, while still solid and a reigning three time best comedy series Emmy winner, has lost some of the creative sizzle of its early going.

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