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I may be wrong, but it appears that you have wired the lights in series rather than a parallel circuit. It should be pretty easy and yes, those open wires have something to do with it - in fact, everything. AC electrical devices need to be wired in parallel, with both hot and neutral connected to each one.
At the first light fixture, where the power and the cable to the switch both come in, tag the white wire in the switch cable with electrical tape or permanent marker.
That will leave you with a black hot wire from the switch and a white neutral wire from the panel.
There should be no wires or cables that go directly from the first fixture to the last one. Pull the switch put of its box and tag the white wire going to it the same way you tagged it at the first fixture. Connect those two wires, both wires in the cable going to the second fixture and the two fixture wires together color-to-color, so that you have one splice with three black wires and one with three white wires.
If you want to follow Ray's second diagram, you need to have one fixture where you have three 2-conductor cables coming in. To meet 2011 code in the second and third diagrams use three conductor cable for the switch loop.Black will carry power to the switch. Current time people have different selections and choices to decorate their bedroom as it I sonly a place, where you can get silence and peace.
You can use dimmer switches by which it is possible to adjust central light and lights of wall that suit your mood in the bedroom. If you want to add sparkle in your bedroom then go with fairly and brighten lights in your bedrooms. Your lights must be fixed in a proper way otherwise you will get hassles while working in your bedroom. Posted in Bedroom Designs, Decoration, Design By Style, Dining Room Designs, Furniture + Accessories. Look in the hvac to see what is lurking in the soffits and consider getting rid of all or part of the soffit.
Most likely electrical and plumbing is hiding up there also, so have to decide cost vs function benefits.
Annie DeighnaughYou can eliminate the fluorescents, put crown around the edge with recessed rope lighting and call it a tray ceiling.
I don't have any great suggestions on what to do with it aesthetically, but you could look at commercial installations for ideas.
If I'm wrong, though, and a2gemini is right about the structure, eliminating the soffits is a great option.
Ours has a minimal metal frame around the box and dividing it into sections and plastic panels to diffuse the light.
AnnieD: that is a lovely suggestion with the rope lighting behind the crown, and a fixture in the middle. TexasCatherderLascatx, the crown in both places sounds like a good idea; you also mentioned a blue paint. I think a lot of it is going to come down to whether chair rail is decorative or functional.
In my theater I'm planning about 36" high for the bottom row and about 23" high for the rear row and stage.
LED bulbs are one of the easiest ways to save on your energy bills – take a look at our GU10 halogen vs LED comparison to see just how much you can save. The section below describe briefly the different types of bulb with pictures to help you identify the correct ones for your light units. This type of bulb tends to fit flush with the ceiling and they are commonly found in kitchens and living rooms.

Provided you purchase dimmable GU10 and MR16 LEDs, they will work with dimmer switches, however traditional incandescent spotlights tend to be installed with a leading edge resistive dimmers (in the case of the GU10 bulb). The GU10 will screw into place, while the MR16 will need to be pulled to remove them from the socket, and pushed back in to fit them.
The bayonet fitting is another common lighting fitting found within the home and these come in two different sizes – the B15 (small bayont) and the B22 (large bayonet). These bulbs fit into many types of ceiling lights from a basic fitting to a hanging chandelier, therefore they are commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms. The third type of fitting is the screw-in bulb which is commonly found in living rooms, dining rooms and the bedrooms. There are two types of screw-in LED fitting – E27 (large screw) and E14 (thin screw). About usWe provide energy efficiency advice to help households and businesses save money on their energy bills and become more sustainable. I'm guessing (hoping!) this is an easy fix and I'm guessing these open wires (where the red arrows are) have something to do with it. All cables need to enter the boxes with their jacket intact, and be secured at the entry point.
Or could you bring the power from the panel into the switch box instead of one of the fixture boxes? I heard you're supposed to start with the final, or furthest one away and work your way back. The ac vent could be routed under the kitchen for better air flow (unless that is a return duct). We took down our ceiling, moved the ducts(much better air flow now),moved 3 plumbing runs and some minimal electrical. However, if the lamps are T-12s (that is, if they are 1.5 inches in diameter), you can save energy by replacing them with T-8s (1 inch in diameter) and still get the same light output.
Cree has a good reputation on the board for its LED recessed cans, and the fixture I linked to has an excellent color rendering index (CRI=90), and comes in various color temperatures. They were pretty common in the 70's - our house has them in most bathrooms, the master bedroom closet and the kitchen. DH replaced the ballasts and fixtures in the box with ones that take newer fluorescent bulbs. The wall in between was painted blue and I'm trying to remember the wall and ceiling oolors. What I saw was similar, but with a stained crown at both levels, and there was enough depth to see the upper one back in the corner. IIRC you mentioned that you were planning to lower yours a bit to accommodate your treatments. I found it after I got my layout back from Dennis and realized my treatments would need to be lower than the "standard" chair rail height.
Obviously these are not the cheapest types of lights you can buy, so we want to ensure you get the right type of bulbs when you order them and that you continue to get the maximum benefit when you use them. These spotlights tend to be comprised of multiple fittings embedded within the ceiling.  The way to tell the two apart is by looking at the base of the bulb. Ideally these dimmers should be changed over to trailing edge dimmers – the GU10 LEDs will still operate with a leading edge dimmer, although the bulbs will not last as long. That would make all of the lamps together put out about as much as one lamp should by itself. They also need to be supported within one foot of each box and at intervals of no more that 4' between boxes.
That's a requirement added in the 2011 NEC code cycle to allow some timers and other controls that require a neutral to be installed. Children and teenagers like adequate system of light for the studies and other playing tasks. On the other hand, I've seen what Annie suggests done and thought it looked very nice and for far less investment of time and $.

If so, a2gemini's idea won't work (or would be a very expensive structural change, anyway). They aren't popular right now, but we preferred the amount of light it gives out and appearance to the many holes we would need for recessed lights to get the light we want in the kitchen. It's twice as wide as the space between a pair of joists so their are sistered joists on either side of the box to take the load of a joist that ends in the side of the box. I think he said that the older 70's bulbs were being phased out and the new bulbs and ballasts were better. The box is as cawaps and cloud_swift describe - it goes into the attic space between the ceiling joists. You might want to get some pieces of trim to play with and make sure you would be able to see both levels and get the full effect. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more!
I doubt you would ever want chair rail height near the back height of a theater seat unless you had 16' ceilings, but I am not sure.
I've tried to model it in Sketchup, but it's still hard to get a feel for what it will look like when you are actually in the room. People can attach bedroom lighting ideas system by which parents can have a look on their children without any disturbance in the room. I've also seen that done with 4 recessed cans added to the inset area for great light rather than any type of ceiling light fixture. It would be a major structural change to raise the ceiling to the height of the top of the box because all the joists would have to change.
I'd love to have the entire ceiling raised to match the box, but that would mean literally redoing the entire roof support structure. A semi flush or chandelier that hangs down just enough to peek out from the opening (either all or in part-- depending on the fixture) would be nice. I know that 32" - 36" is most common, but I've been reading up on it a bit, and that's apparently not ideal. Would be a good thing to lay out in a program like Sketchup and see what looks best to you. It seemed like TMcG is running into similar issues, so I thought I'd ask how others are handling it.
Maybe they will prompt you a great design of your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden, basement or any other place. The bedrooms should be attached with plug in light for night by which you can find the things and way in the dark. Sometimes the area is painted as an accent to draw attention to it as an interesting architectural detail if crown moulding isn't used.
Remember that picking the correct lighting for your interior or exterior makes a defining impact on the design you create. Working out a lighting plan as you remodel your home will help you reach a desirable result. You may create magic with special lighting effects, and vary the ambiance from special to occasional and even expressive with shades of light. So feel free to browse the WinLights site, watch photographs, read articles and create a unique atmosphere in your home.
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