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I think you might be able to go to a local Korea Town, depending where you are, or look online for Korean fans. All you need to do is tape two pieces of white paper together on the short side, so you end up with one long white paper.
When it is dry, cut off the corners to make them rounded then fold up the fan accordion style starting from one short side of the paper. We used the South Korean flag as the design on one of our fans.  Learn more about the symbolism of the Korean flag. What is the difference between North and South Korea?  They are the same people, with the same heritage, history, and culture, but the south received the protection and form of government of America and the north was set up as a soviet communist regime.  What has been the difference in the outcome and why is there such a difference?

Buchaechum is a traditional form of Korean dance, usually performed by groups of female dancers. On Tano festival, which is one of Korean traditional festivals, it is a tradition that we give paper fans to parents, teachers or close friends as gifts to overcome Korean hot summer. For example, instead of the Korean flag, you could decorate the fan with the Korean alphabet. Bodily-kinesthetic learners will learn lots from these types of activities–and they’ll have fun doing it! The paper is the traditional Hanji paper which is highly resistant used for the realization of various art objects.

The flower design is hand painted and is signed by the author with a personal authentication buffer (the Korean Dojak). The grip is easy and the large scale of the fan allows effective mixing of the air.The wooden support is provided with.

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