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If you have been looking for that solitary stunning attraction to perk up your living area with unrivalled style and elegance, look no further than the trendily designed Khaitan Fresco 42 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan. Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes.
Different from the common ceiling fans, Khaitan has brought something new and innovative to its designer line.
With an unusual design, Khaitan Fresco 42 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan come all the way to your ceiling with amazing 8 blades that make it surprisingly different. All in all we can say that Khaitan Fresco 42 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan is a masterpiece, which can bring a royal effect in your home with its superb elegance. Khaitan Lugano 52 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan - Brown is not available for purchase currently. The Khaitan Lugano 52 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan has been distinctively designed to suffuse loads of panache and elegance into your home decor! Khaitan is serving Indian customers from years and is continuously offering new and innovative designs to give a fresh feel to its customers.
Looks only matter if the quality is fine, and when it comes to Khaitan only looks matter because here the quality is 100 percent assured.

Coming to its features, you will see that Khaitan Lugano 52 Inch under Light Ceiling Fan has not made a narrow way for comforting its customers in style. All in all we can say that Khaitan Lugano 52 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan offers a great way to decorate your home and to get cool air with enhanced comfort and convenience. Boasting of an understated yet classy antique finish, the fan comes with a whopping 8 stunning glass folding arms, and promises an impressive sweep of 1300mm. The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.
For small shops, cabins and low ceilings a fan with 600 mm sweep is enough and For large halls, auditoriums, offices fan with 1500 mm sweep .
It has launched a large variety from which you can choose according to your interior needs and make it look far better than simple fans. It comes with a sweep of 1300 mm, which ensures a swift movement and an airy environment throughout the room. This time too the company has come up with an exclusive range of ceiling fans that are not only designed for providing the high utility and comfort, but also the premium craftsmanship so that your ceiling fans never come in the way of your decor but only contribute to enhance it.
And the new Khaitan Lugano 52 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan is neither behind in quality nor in looks.

It has offered a 3-speed pull chain control with a reversible motor which will control the speed of fan, which means, you need not to go to the switch board for operating it. It has been expressly crafted to add a dash of sophistication and royal class to a whole host of luxurious settings like artistically done homes, hotels, banquet halls and boutiques.
Going further, you will find that this elegant fan consumes less energy, only 60 Watt, and thus contributes a lot in saving energy and environment.
One such ceiling fan from the decorative category is Lugano 52 Inch Under Light Ceiling Fan, which is given the high degree of care and precision while crafting so that it will never compromise in the way of serving the customers in any manner. Last but not the least; the fan comes with a reversible motor, which helps the blades to change the direction to clockwise to push air up towards the ceiling to make you feel cooler. The beautifully designed Khaitan Lugano 52 Inch under Light Ceiling Fan can also be used to enhance the look of your house keeping aside its basic utility.

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