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Product DescriptionKDK has grown as a trustworthy and reliable brand in many countries and in Malaysia especially.
We regret to inform you that this marketplace will no longer be available to consumers for new purchases after 1 March 2016. Over the years, they have further strengthen their position among top-brands and is regarded as a synonym for electric fans.

Please note that if you have outstanding Rakuten Super Points earned on this site, you will be able to use them here until 29 February 2016. We aim to have your items shipped to you at the earliest possible date after payment confirmed. With our dedicated, motivated and experienced qualified personnel, we promised to provide you with tip-top services by supplying you with quality products and services to satisfy your requirements and needs.

Get better convenience with the remote control which allows you to set the speed (1-3), sleep mode (3-6 hours) and OFF timer (1-6 hours).Get further reliability with enhanced security features such as Blade Safety Plate and Cut-off Safety Device.

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