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Just watched it and i can say it has a lot of comedy involved but its less then the first season i just loved the fanservice tho, basically that's what this anime is unique with. I have to say that the episode could have been better tho it looked allot like a filler to me.
Well it came out and I got trolled that it was the first episode I saw last time yet it was this one.
The new animal entrail penguin was funny and the fan service of Mikoto's panties was good too in the spoiler Mikoto sure wears the daring ones. Finally pretty good little scene with all the girls and Sakura in the spoiler I do wonder what good she did to them because whatever it is the bed sheaths are hiding it damn good. Cuz, who gives a shit about the plot when we have hot bishoujos kissing and doing all kinds of awesome things. Not much of a difference from the horrible ep11 of the anime in terms of plot but still enjoyable coz of Shizuku-sama.
Gotta admit, that was one of the BEST yuri kisses I've ever seen in a NON-HENTAI anime, and the best part was how they acted after they kissed. DUDE, Ichika from IS is sooooooo much worst than Natsuru, at least with Natsuru he turns into a 100% HOT bishoujo. Yeah, even though I'm starting to get tired of Rie, her random appearance was hilarious and that yuri kiss was quite something though it lacked more tongue flirting.
When I first saw the announcement for Kampfer and what it was going to be like, I knew there was a precise 1.64% chance of it actually being good.
Speaking of voice actors, I think the producers’ main strategy is to attract people who pay too much attention to seiyuu just like I do.

Oh well, in that case, I have no choice but to watch this, buy all the CDs, and 17 copies of the DVD set!
Also included are Nakajima Megumi (Ranka Lee for you Macross people), Noto Mamiko, and of course Mizuki Nana, the latter two have not yet made an appearance. I find Yuu Kobayashi more for specialized roles because her voice has that pseudosadistical masculine edge to it. Natsuru va néanmoins rapidement se rendre compte qu'il existe aussi des Kampfer rouges qui sont ses ennemis.
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Just like how Strike Witches gets people to watch because it’s little girls without pants, Kampfer gets people to watch for not only having a loaded cast, but making damn sure you know it.
I have low expectations from Nomad, but I thought this ep was fun, funny, had surprisingly decent action, the great voice acting of course, and gave me enough meat to make a funny episodic post about it.
Depends on how long the skirt is, but generally yeah…keep it up and or out of the way somehow.
While Horie Yui does pin down both sides of Akane somewhat, Inoue Marina just…cannot voice a guy beyond age of 10 to save her life. Lorsque ce dernier clignote, souvent en présence d'une autre Kampfer, Natsuru se transforme en fille. For this to become true you have to get custom essays cheap and you will get papers to buy or just order term paper help from the to company.

Well, besides the fact that fall season looks so much like total garbage that this is relatively decent, because of it’s loaded cast and its main character is a guy that transforms into a girl. Tamura Yukari (whose primary occupation is to be a voice actor) is a voice actor in this anime? I would have cast Kobayashi Yuu as Natsuru (she was Shidou Mariya in Maria Holic – a good example of solid contrasting male and female voices).
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