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C Wright DesignI love your inspiration room but think the wall color could be a bit dark for your space.
Brickwood Builders, Inc.Hope you have your moldings installed before painting as the painting may have to be done again after molding installation.
Brickwood Builders, Inc.If you are going to use moldings, please have them installed prior to painting. 2455169we have 7' cielings in basement, 19x11' rectangle, 6 pot lights--is Indian river, #985 (a warm gray) color too dark, and make room even seem smaller and cielings lower? Leigh DurandI have crown, it suits my transitional style but I have to say I love the clean look of your space without crown, so my vote is no; save the money. Roberta Maria VieiraI have the same problem and didnt want to break the celling trying to raise it.
I love the character and charm they possess.  There is a beauty and warmth that is hard to describe, but can definitely be “felt” when you are inside on older home.
Either way, adding wood to your ceilings makes a dramatic difference in the feel of the room. I can attest to this!  Adding wood on top of our stippled ceiling made all the difference in the world when we renovated our kitchen! I am hoping to add wood ceilings in some other rooms in our home as well.  This will be a gradual process and not something I plan on doing this year.
We have some plumbing (for the boys’ upstairs bathroom) in our bathroom that is going to need to be hidden.  So we are going to make some hollow wooden beams to cover the pipes!
I have a question for you… i have noticed old homes sometimes have a step up from the hallway to enter the bedrooms then a step down on the other side into the room.
I think I will add some beadboard ceilings (maybe paneling) to our powder room as a test drive. I think all things we add to our home gives it character that makes our thoughts of homes that bring back memories that stir our heart is what we all desire. I grew up in the same house, didn’t have any grandparents alive, but there are imagines in my heart that stirs a wonderful feeling. I have no memory of such a thing in my childhood, but it sure does envolk a stirring in my heart that is warm and good.

The down side to this is that we also ended up with a smaller home than if we had been willing to do repairs, but I am wiling to make the sacrifice for a happy hubby and a happy me! Hi, my name is Christine - a virtual interior designer in New York city, and the creative director of Christine Tse Interiors. Do hang art high creating an illusion of a higher ceiling, consider using artworks with vertical lines and using vertical frames. Don't use chair rails as this will make the ceiling look lower, if you really can't live without it, consider placing it lower than usual to trick the eye, between 26"-30" above the floor and use a thinner baseboard. I hope after reading my do's and dont's list your ready to make your ceiling soar to new highness.
If you don't want to miss any design advice, get on my list to get free updates!! (Did I mention it's Free?) Sign up now! For most types of roofs (composition, foam, tile, metal, or wood shake), the solar panels are mounted on frames that have been bolted to either the plywood or the rafters as part of a full railing system.
Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. I have the same problem in my 1960 ranch, and it was the one disappointment I could do nothing about! Avoid using the recessed can lights as it results in uneven light distribution which makes ceiling seem closer. We own a home that was built in 1905 since all walls and ceilings are plaster this would be a great solution to covering the imperfections. But it also passed all the inspections and we have had to do little repairs on it in 3 years. I am hoping to give our master bedroom a litlle makeover at some point this year & I think I have talked my hubby into installing a the plank ceiling for me!
I would love to hear from you about your design dilemma's or any other design problems you might have, just shoot me an email or leave me a comment and I will be very Happy to help you out with it. The bolts are then surrounded with flashing (similar to what is done around vents or pipes that are already present on the roof) and a water-tight sealant is applied, adding an extra layer of protection against the elements. True, there aren’t too many places where the winds get that high in California, but it’s comforting to know that if it did happen, you’ll be covered!

Now presenting to you are some simple decorating tricks which will make your ceiling look little higher and less closed in. The changes we have made have been mostly upgrades like a new, wider carport, moving the furnace from a closet into the attic, etc. In fact, solar panels can actually help protect and preserve the portion of the roof they cover.
If the roof needs to be replaced within the next 5 years or so, it’s best to replace it first and then install the solar panel system. Basically these are tricks to create visual effect in such a way that your ceiling will look higher but nothing actually. When we chose to buy again, our realtor gave us a homework assignment before we ever went looking at houses.
We were able to find a happy medium by looking for a house older, but still in REALLY good shape. If you don’t need to replace your roof quite yet but will eventually have to sometime in the future, the panels can be removed and then reinstalled on the new roof, although the solar installation company will be charge you for the service.
But most important of all, I hope to inspire you to transform and enhance your home and life through creating happy and comfortable spaces that you can relax and enjoy. I was short on time and budget, and really needed help taking the apartment from its original metropolitan feel, to something more beach inspired.
We needed to be able to coordinate new items with existing furniture, and didn’t have the luxury of repainting. After that we done, we were to bring our two list together and see what we had in common and what was most important to the other person.
In spite of all these conditions, Christine was able to successfully meet our needs with several simple, well thought out suggestions and resources. She did a great job explaining her rationale and goals for each element, and how each step would contribute to the feel and functionality of the space.

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