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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I recently moved into a 1986 raised ranch and two of the bedrooms have light switches, multiple outlets, but no overhead lighting. I am trying to install a flush mounted ceiling light in one of the bedrooms and I would like to tie it into the existing light switch. I purchased 14-2 electrical wire to tie everything together, but I need to know how to connect the wire feeding the light at both location (light and switch).
Now the question is, how do I wire it so that the upper outlet of the connected receptacle is always live and the light switch controls the light itself? A) At the light switch completely disconnect the load wire (black, white, red and ground) and cap all ends separately. B) At the receptacle disconnect the wire coming from the light switch (black, white, red, ground) and cap all ends. C) I am assuming that this receptacle is in the middle of a circuit so in order to have both outlets operable, connect the black and white of the same wire to the top terminals and then connect the black and the white of the same wire to the bottom terminals. C) Connect the black wire of the source to the bottom hot terminal of the switch (not sure if top or bottom matters for source, just going off a diagram I am looking at).
Please let me know if my 'google search' understanding of this wiring is correct, or whether there is something catastrophically wrong!
Remove the cover of the outlet box of the ceiling and try exposing the wires that you will use to connect to the fan.
After that, take out the clips and pins which hold the pin at above the motor and slide the down rod into the motor. Then, use a wire connector to connect the wire attached to the mounting bracket to the wire of the outlet box and thing you have to do is taking the ends of the wires and hold tightly them together.
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Make sure electricity to circuit is turned off and carefully remove the glass shade or globe from the old light fixture.Unscrew the retaining nut or screws that hold the fixture to the ceiling.
First thing you want to do is turn off the power supply to the old ceiling fan or light fixture. If you are replacing an old ceiling fan start by removing the old fan blades as this makes it easier to work with.
Once you have access to the wires I recommend you use a voltage tester to make sure the power is truly off. Once you have determined that there is no power going to any of the wires you can begin to take them apart. A black wire which is your hot wire a white wire which is your neutral wire and the third wire which will be either a bare copper wire or a green wire this is your ground wire.
When installing ceiling fans connect the wires according to the directions that came with the fan. The electricians at Hartland Electric are professionals at diagnosing the specific needs for the installation of your ceiling fan. No matter the height of the room, the electricians at Hartland Electric have specialized ladders to reach any location. Our Hartland Electric's home electricians can have your new ceiling fan installed and running in no time!
In the winter months, you can save money on heating costs by setting your fan to a clockwise rotation. Ceiling lights and other accessories needed for suspended ceilings are bit different than the ones required for a normal ceiling. The bedroom I would like to install a ceiling fan with light fixture has no wiring in the ceiling. Best Answer: You will need to install a ceiling box suitable for the fan you want to install.
In addition to Toolmon's suggestions pull the cover plate on each receptacle and look for a red wire. Turn off the switch and test both sides of the switch with a test light, one probe to the terminal screw on the switch, the other to the bare ground wire, see which one is hot. I would replace the receptacle with a new one that has the brass tab intact and cap the red on both ends. It is normally done by using a Philip screwdriver but if you have no it, you can use , a flathead screwdriver as alternative tool. After the down-rod is on the motor, directly slide the pin back into a place and lock the motor and down-rod together with the holding clip.
Lower the fixture and disconnect the wires by twisting off the plastic connectors from the ends of the wires.
You can do this by going to the circuit breaker and locating the correct breaker and shutting it off.
You do this by locating the small screws on the sides of the case near the ceiling and removing them.

These wires are usually held together by either wire nuts or black electrical tape or in some cases both. Most ceiling fans have two screws that secure it to the hanger bracket and once you remove these screws in most cases the ceiling fan is on a hook that prevents it from falling this hook is also used to make it easier to work on the ceiling fan when you are installing it. Make sure to ground the fan with the ground wires, which will either be green or bare copper. Ceiling fans are major appliances that operate hanging over your head, and this can be a serious hazard if not installed properly.
Finally hang the down-rod on the mounting bracket and make sure that it is secured before decided going to the next section.
Finally you can also connect the black power wire and the blue and black wires from the fan motor together with careful when you want the lights and the fans controlled by the chains on the fan. As an extra precaution you can place a piece of tape over the breaker to keep it in the off position then close the door to the breaker panel. Usually all the wires are color coded so black goes with black white goes with white and ground goes to ground.
Therefore you can adjust your thermostat accordingly, optimizing your cost and energy efficiency. Okay we hope bedroom ceiling fans with lights installation guidelines above can help you to do it by your self. You can also put a sticky note or just tape a piece of paper on the door warning people for example (DO NOT TOUCH !). If you find the red is not hot with the switch in the off position, cap it off on both ends. It is more efficient and economical in my opinion, even some of the homeowners agree that it saves more electricity energy. Moreover if you’re installing the fan on an irregular or an angled wall, look that the end and open of the mounting bracket is turned against the high side of the ceiling. If you find the difficultness when installing, calling the technicians is the better solution. But if it’s turned against the lower side, automatically the fan blades are going to beat the ceiling when be installed.
In the ceiling fan motor, take the washers and motor screws from the under part of the motor.
For the price, probably it is more expensive than a general fan without a light but in term of electric power, we think it is more economical and efficient. If you decided to buy it but you can’t install it DIY, let’s see the steps of bedroom ceiling fans with lights installation guidelines below.

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