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Well we've seen the Star Wars home theater in the past, and now comes the Star Trek version. Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. You do not need to be a Star Trek fan to appreciate the work and effort that went into this. Previously featured on Electronic House, this Florida Palm Beach home hasA three rooms that were modeled after the Star Trek NCC-1701A Enterprise. This project took six months to complete and has created a home theater, bar, and ready room thatA are setA for your entertainment. I must admit that the movie experience in this home has to be amazing, especially with the Red Alert special effects and additional props this owner has already previously collected.
If you are a Geek who likes New Gadgets, cool Technology or fun Designs and want to write about it, let us know! Check this home theatre, which has been modelled after the Enterprise NCC-1701D from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
It was voted the best home theatre installation at this year’s CEDIA show, although heaven knows how much it cost to put together.
Nimoy was in the director’s chair for Star Trek IV, and it amuses me that even when he and the other actors ventured off on wacky tangents, he just let the cameras roll. September 28, 2012 by rachelc Leave a Comment My lady friends over at GeekMom are starting to wind down Star Trek Week.

Although I can appreciate the one liners, I’ve never considered myself to be much of a Trekkie. I am a fan of home theater though, and people sure love the Star Trek-themed theater rooms.
An anonymous homeowner commissioned Acoustic Innovations (in Palm Beach County, Florida) to create this slick, sci-fi masterpiece. YouTube user davidegg22 has surrounded his 120-inch screen, his Optoma 1080p projector and his 7.1 surround sound with all kinds of super-cool Star Trek goodies.
Tony Alleyne transformed his place into a shrine to Star Trek: Voyager only to put the place up on eBay. Rachel Cericola's work has appeared in Cookie, Men's Health, Wired, Woman's Day, USA Weekend, Geek Monthly, and many other magazines and websites.
We talk about geeky creations, weird incidents, funny LOL stories as well as latest of technology, gaming, gadgematic, and social news. Actually, I believe that any theater buff would love to have a home theater like this to call their own.
Those of us who think a home cinema room consists merely of a projector, a screen and a Laz-E-Boy chair should hang our heads in shame.
It’s got motion-activated airlock doors (with proper sound effects), a big flashing Red Alert button, and eight servers holding a whopping 3,816 DVDs.
There’s probably a Klingon translator who pops out of a cupboard when you settle down to watch a film too, I reckon.

It’s almost standard business now, but what about all the older films that hit video stores without any special features?
Perhaps he knew that fans would one day laugh at him and Shatner improvising the correct change scene for an entire minute. If you’re a fan, I suggest going back through all of the wonderful articles posted over the past few days.
In honor of Star Trek week, I’ve rounded up four of my favorite Star Trek theaters that I’ve covered in the past.
The end result has all of the bells, whistles, beeps and bloops that a Trek fan could ever want.
Despite rumors of an $850,000 sale, Alleyne seemed to still have the place — until news broke that his estranged wife was making him give up the sci-fi-themed flat. Sekulow bought two original Star Trek consoles at a Christie’s auction and got Design Cinema Privee to help him incorporate the goods into this fabulous theater room. So, he has designed and built most of the parts of this home by himself over the course of four years.

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