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Please upgrade to Internet Explorer version 9 or download Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome. My morning began with a delicious bowl of Chex gluten-free apple cinnamon oatmeal that I prepared in the microwave with 2 percent milk.
Topped with a dollop of Barney Butter and served with a side of raspberry chocolate flavored coffee!
I am in love with the gentle stretches my favorite instructor takes me through during my beloved detox yoga class at my local studio, but today’s class was a power yoga class that incorporated more challenging poses and caused me to work up a sweat! I pinned the above image on Pinterest months ago (and the original source wasn’t identified, so if you know it, please let me know) and try to hold each stretch for 30 to 45 seconds before moving onto the next. I typically do about 15-30 minutes of yoga during the weekdays, and an hour on each day of the weekend. I don’t take yoga classes, although I’ve always been meaning to try them but I always incorporate downward dog and child pose into my post run stretching since they just feel amazing!

Emily, it’s a brand new, exciting product available at most Kroger and some Target stores.
I think it is kinda nuts that you feel the need to tell us you are not pregnant every time you have exciting news. Cheer Factor - The Warm-up Company, a true custom manufacturer of Dance, Cheerleading, Volleyball and Gymnastics competition, practice and traveling Warm-ups. For the past month or two, I’ve been incorporating more and more yoga into my workout routine. It’s important to note that a lot of the above poses are advanced (I can’t do a number of them!) and that doing a few stretches is not a substitute for yoga. I love this routine that you posted as well, I have even been taking a full day for just yoga as my workout and it feels so good for the soul :). The king pigeon variations in the bottom left are very advanced back bends and can seriously tweak the low back if you’re not properly warmed up for them.

I typically take yoga on Saturday or Sunday but changed things up a bit today and hit the mat early this morning.
Sadly though it always seems to be the first thing to go off my training plan when things get hectic.
And headstands can be very dangerous if not done properly and under the supervision of an experienced teacher. The sequencing is very important in yoga and I think this was just a picture of a variety of poses and not intended to be a usable sequence.

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